An Arun Nura Video Series Deconstructs Notions Of Futurism & Physical Reality

‘Reimagining Kanchanasita’
‘Reimagining Kanchanasita’Arun Nura

Arun Nura's artistic journey has taken him from the world of engineering to the space of film programming. This artistic evolution is evident in his latest project, a video series titled 'Reimagining Kanchanasita'.

The project dives into the classic film 'Kanchanasita' by G. Aravindan; offering a fresh perspective through the lens of contemporary philosophical discourse. Nura's reimagination focuses on the concept of Sita's 'non-physical' presence. This exploration delves into the nature of reality within an Indian philosophical framework, where the lines between the physical and the non-physical are often blurred.

The reinterpretation goes beyond a simple thematic exploration. Nura utilises the concept of the 'pixel-image' as a fundamental tool. This approach signifies his engagement with the ever-evolving world of digital image-making. By focusing on pixels, the building blocks of digital images, Nura highlights the absence of physicality inherent in the digital realm. This concept is further emphasised by the blurring of lines between 'new' and 'old' through the use of archival materials.

Nura's project doesn't shy away from venturing into the future.  He intertwines the concept of 'pseudo futurism' with the project. This term signifies a future that may not be entirely novel, but rather a reinterpretation or remix of the past. The utilisation of AI-generated tools further reinforces this theme. Nura suggests that these tools, with their vast repositories of past creations, contribute to a future where the lines between truly 'new'and 'remixed' become increasingly blurred.

The inclusion of music by Rajeev Taranath adds another layer of depth to the project. The synergy between the visuals and the music enhances the overall experience; inviting viewers on a contemplative journey through the themes explored by Nura.

Through his artistic vision, Nura asks us to ponder the nature of reality in the digital age, a world where pixels dance with philosophy. 'Reimagining Kanchanasita' is a project that bridges the gap between past and present, physical and non-physical, and human and artificial creation.

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