Femininity & Fluidity: This Artistic Collaboration Reimagines Movement In Sarees

Namrata Kumar
Namrata KumarNamrata Kumar

Born and brought up in New Delhi, Namrata Kumar is a young graphic designer who uses ethnic and contemporary motifs to explore South Asian identity. The artist graduated from Srishti School of Art & Design back in 2010 and has ever since challenged her own artistic abilities by adopting newer forms of creativity and through experiencing new cultures. By continually broadening her perspective Namrata has mastered the art of mixing unique colours, sights and sounds leading to new ways of seeing.  

Her visual series ‘Swingin’ in Sarees’ explores another domain of cultural identity. She expresses womanhood and its intrinsic relationship with sarees, a fabric that holds onto centuries of South Asian history, heritage and more. One that can be adorned in a hundred different ways and connects women across generations. The artist paints a liberated image of women frolicking freely in their sarees instead of being restricted by them. Gifting them the freedom of movement and fluidity.

The movements are referenced by performer Eshna Kutty’s powerful hoop flow dance who practises the art form to restore mindfulness. The therapy practitioner understands the world through her hoop and helps others to find their own balance. Her viral video named ‘sareeflow’ showcased majestic hoop movements while adorning a saree and further inspired many Indian women to explore the artform. The artistic visuals of Namrata capture this interplay of femininity and fluidity through her series, painting a new portrait of both a cultural fabric and of the women who adorn it. 

You can explore and purchase her work here.

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