Haldi Bangers: Hip-Hop Collective 'J Block' Is Releasing A Genre-Defying Mixtape

Love Marriage Haldi Bangers
Love Marriage Haldi BangersJ Block

J Block is a New Delhi based music collective that's been making waves since its inception in June 2021. This rising collective, known for their unique soundscape is bred out of a collaboration of 13 different individuals. Born out of the need for a creative space during the Covid crisis, J Block has quickly established itself as a genre-defying force in India's independent music scene. Comprised of artists spanning across Hip-Hop, R&B, Drum & Bass, and more, J Block's goal is to push the boundaries of what music can be.

On Valentines day this year the collective is releasing their sophomore mixtape, Love Marriage Haldi Bangers — a celebration of the raving music in Delhi weddings. Executive produced by Faichan & Yung Satya, with 2 songs produced by Ved and Orisis, the mixtape features a total of 7 emerging artists, who live and breathe the Delhi Hip-Hop scene — Faizan, Lil Kabeer, yungwaris, dr chaand, Lonekat, Battery & ishan. The record has been engineered by Circle Tone, Faichan & Yung Satya.

Love Marriage Haldi Bangers
Love Marriage Haldi BangersJ Block

Building on the success of their debut mixtape, the collective has taken their soundscape to new heights, weaving celebratory themes inspired by the wedding experience with songs like Mila Dil and Rasam for the audience to groove to. From the upbeat, party anthem IDK to the introspective Pause and the rebellious Fuck the Landlord this mixtape has something to offer for everyone. The tape pushes sonics with festive tones & experimental melodic rap while celebrating love in their own colorful way.

In between the bustle of making ends meet, through their day jobs, freelance work and college, the members regularly meet to spend time doing their favourite thing — making music. Their synergy often reflects their friendship, and daily struggles resulting in impromptu music sessions. A lot of songs get churned out and loaded onto a hard drive. A few old tunes and a few made fresh culminated into LMHB.

Love Marriage Haldi Bangers also serves as a platform for emerging talent in J Block, including yungwaris, dr chaand and ishan. These artists showcase their growth and artistic depth through their contributions to the mixtape. It's a dynamic celebration of artists uniting in a communion of art and music.

You can listen to the mixtape here and follow J Block here.