#HGMusic: Listen To New Releases From Achanté, Disco Puppet, & More

The Homegrown Music Round-Up
The Homegrown Music Round-UpL: Jai Dhir R: Achanté

Welcome to Homegrown's New Music Round-Up, the ultimate destination for discovering the week's hottest releases across all genres. Each week, we curate a handpicked and homegrown selection of fresh sounds. This week features dance-pop, blues rock and much more.

Princess Bitch Energy by Achanté

Princess Bitch Energy (PBE), a dynamic dance-pop anthem by Toronto artists Achanté, Spitty, and Siren Sav, falls within the genres of pop, dance, RnB, soul, rap, and hip-hop. The track, performed by Mumbai-bred, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Achanté, is a celebration of fierce, empowered women on a mission. Infusing hip-hop flows, RnB elements, and a seductive vocal hook, PBE encourages women to embrace self-love, groove to their own rhythm, and unapologetically wear their crown every day. Achanté's diverse musical influences, ranging from neo soul and jazz to pop and Carnatic music, contribute to the track's unique and non-formulaic sound.

Listen to it below.

A Dog's Tale by The High Crook

The High Crook, a rock 'n' roll band, passionately revives the spirit of blues rock in India with their EP, A Dog's Tale. Seeking to perfect and immerse the audience in the true essence of blues, the band takes listeners on a journey from punk aggression to the contemplative moments of an old man enjoying scotch by the bay. Balancing imperfections and perfections of expression and emotions, The High Crook aims to preserve and celebrate the roots of rock 'n' roll. The band, with an analgesic effect on the ears, provides an honest musical experience, incorporating diverse influences from its members to create the unique sound showcased in their debut EP.

Listen to the title track of the EP below.

Toy Land by Disco Puppet

Bangalore-based artist Disco Puppet's third full-length album, Aranyer Dinratri, draws inspiration from Satyajit Ray's 1970 film of the same name. Shoumik, the artist behind Disco Puppet, discovered the film in 2016, leading to a deepening interest in Ray's works and a connection to their own personal history and art. The album, spanning 40 minutes, adopts a stream-of-consciousness format, with tracks seamlessly flowing into one another to narrate a story of search, discovery, and acceptance. The use of a battered Casio SA47, accompanied by samples, tape machine artifacts, and saturated 808s, contributes to Shoumik's familiar yet ever-evolving sound palette.

Listen to a track from the album below.

Don't Go by Jai Dhir

Rising Punjabi pop sensation Jai Dhir unveils Don't Go, the second single from his upcoming debut EP, 'Lover Boy.' Known for his soft melodies, the track explores the complexities of love and longing, portraying a girl torn between desire and fear. With Afro beats and Indian melodies, Don't Go captures the bittersweet essence of new relationships. Available on major streaming platforms, Jai Dhir continues to carve his niche in the Punjabi music scene, showcasing his potential as an artist.

Listen to it below.

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