The Homegrown Music Round-Up
The Homegrown Music Round-UpAkash Ahuja

#HGMusic: Listen To New Releases From Akash Ahuja, Lisa Mishra, & More

Welcome to Homegrown's New Music Round-Up, the ultimate destination for discovering the week's hottest releases across all genres. Each week, we curate a handpicked and homegrown selection of fresh sounds. This week features Techno, chillwave and more.

Salahālu by Midnight Traffic

Midnight Traffic's new EP Option Paralysis Vol.1 plays with the notion of analysis paralysis and epitomizes the power of creativity within deliberate limitations, showcasing an intentional exploration of constrained production. Among its standout tracks, Salahālu, derived from the Telugu term for 'suggestion,' seamlessly blends pulsating tension, entrancing synth patterns, and immersive trance elements, creating an inviting dance floor ambience that resonates with the richness of the artist's musical journey.

Listen to it below.

Inside by OLD

From OLD's new EP Exploration Three comes the track Inside carrying itself through its cruising chillwave/spacewave bassline of a guiding vessel. The track, textured with intricately layered tones, exudes a contemplative mood, inviting profound introspection into the complexities of human understanding, the depths of the inner self and how much of it is within our reach. With its immersive atmosphere and mesmerizing aural textures, Inside serves as a poignant reflection of the enigmatic nature of human connection, inviting contemplation on the mysteries that lie within the human experience.

Listen to it below.

Shor // MV by Dokodoko

Sikkim-based vocalist-songwriter Dr. Kritika and Siliguri producer Debo Sanyal AKA Dreamhour, collectively known as Dokodoko, recently released their latest track Shor. Departing from their usual repertoire, this Hindi track delves into the concept of external and internal clamour, representing the chaos that shapes one's identity and existence. Their electropop sound is enriched with a grunge-inspired twist in the track along with a music video shot in the Storeroom studio managed by Debo Sanyal, capturing the external tumult and internal noise mirroring the song's central theme.

Watch it below.

Balenciaga by Akash ft. Fetty Wap & Lisa Mishra

The groundbreaking track Balenciaga features a dynamic collaboration between hip-hop luminary Akash Ahuja, rap sensation Fetty Wap, and singer-songwriter Lisa Mishra. Seamlessly mixing English and Hindi lyrics, the song's catchy vibe is accentuated by Mishra's mesmerizing vocals and the popping rap verses of Ahuja and Fetty Wap, turning Balenciaga into more than just a song, but a testament to the power of collaboration in music.

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