#HGMusic: Listen To New Releases From Pacifist, Maqta, & More

The Homegrown New Music Round-Up
The Homegrown New Music Round-UpL: Maqta R: Pacifist

Welcome to Homegrown's Weekly Music Round-Up, the ultimate destination for discovering the week's hottest releases across all genres. Each week, we curate a handpicked and homegrown selection of fresh sounds. This week features bass music, rock and more.

Jhankaar by Zeux

Jhankaar by Mumbai-based indie artist Zeux, featuring guitarist Ishan Kapnadak, is a standout release. This track blends Indie Rock and alt-pop, delivering a spellbounding fusion. With influences ranging from Jon Bellion to Bollywood legends, Zeux's eclectic style sets him apart. Jhankaar resonates with those navigating life's daily struggles with unyielding determination; delving into the universal experience of feeling oppressed by the world, yet still finding the strength to rise above adversity.

Listen to the track below.

Thooki Veesu by Shaq-T & Dasa

Thooki Veesu (Throw it!) by Shaq-T & Dasa is this awesome Tamil-English hip-hop track that mixes in Indian electronic, instrumental rock, and a bit of phonk — it's a real bop. They just dropped it as part of a two-song release. The song taps into the thriving car culture in India, with accompanying video captures the essence of this subculture, showcasing the duo's genuine passion for cars and customization. Hailing from Coimbatore, Shaq-T and Dasa's exposure to visually striking vehicles from a young age is evident in the song's dynamic energy and aesthetic appeal.

Listen to the two songs below.

The Bridge Between Us by Pacifist

Mumbai's post-hardcore band, Pacifist, just dropped their latest single, The Bridge Between Us, and it's a deep dive into anguished emotions and fractured relationships. They're channelling and drawing inspiration from emo influences such as Touche Amore, Title Fight, and Thursday, Pacifist brings a fresh perspective to familiar matters of the heart. The Bridge Between Us grapples with contemporary themes of separation, unfulfillment amidst ambition, and the complexities of betrayal, culminating in an evocative refrain:

"Betrayed! By matters so complicated."

Listen to the track below.

Majesty by Joshua D. Fernandez

Majesty by Joshua D. Fernandez is a powerful Tamil anthem dedicated to self-celebration and recognition of one's inherent worth. This is an out-and-out people's track that combines the energetic spirit of Tamil rock with the essence of desi pop; creating a fusion that not only uplifts the spirits but also resonates with the celebration of one's inner badassery. It invites us to embrace the majesty within ourselves.

Listen to the track below.

Lihaaf by Maqta

Maqta's soulful live rendition of 'Lihaaf' is a performance curated for small, intimate audiences of 20-40 people, mirroring the essence and intimacy of the music itself. Sarthak Karkare takes inspiration from a whole range of sources, like Hindi and Urdu poetry, classic Bollywood tunes from the likes of R.D and S.D Burman, and blends classical Indian and Western music; making Lihaaf an exquisite fusion of cultural and musical expressions. Born out of the challenges posed by the pandemic, this project took shape in Karkare's home studio, and in March, it finally took flight.

Watch the performance below.