How Amorphous Design Lab Is Redefining The Norms Of Indian Multidisciplinary Creativity

How Amorphous Design Lab Is Redefining The Norms Of Indian  Multidisciplinary Creativity
Amorphous Design Lab

As the saying goes 'Good design in invisible'; when executed seamlessly, it operates in the background, enhancing our lives without drawing attention, similarly, the essence of Amorphous lies in its name, symbolizing a perpetual quest for solutions that are not confined by rigid structures but instead flow organically, adapting to diverse needs and contexts. This ethos reflects in their approach, which sees design not just as a profession but as a transformative force that engages and empowers individuals, organizations, and society at large.

At the helm of Amorphous are Aadit Basu and Akash Singh, two visionaries whose expertise spans design, photography, architecture, and industrial design. Aadit's background as a fabricator and designer, combined with Akash's mastery in design research and experience design, forms a formidable foundation for Amorphous's innovative endeavors. Their collaborative spirit and commitment to pushing boundaries are evident in every project they undertake.

Everyday Carry Copper Bottle
Everyday Carry Copper BottleAmorphous Design Lab

One of Amorphous's standout projects is the Everyday Carry Copper Bottle, a collaboration with Studio Coppre. Beyond its functional aspect, this project encapsulates Amorphous's dedication to sustainability. By utilizing cork as a closure and highlighting the recyclability of copper, a native metal with minimal environmental impact, Amorphous showcases how design can be a catalyst for eco-conscious living.

Amorphous Design Lab

The Func - Work from Home Furniture initiative is another testament to Amorphous's ingenuity. Their patent-pending mechanism for a chair and table module not only promotes a healthier sitting posture but also underscores their design philosophy of creating versatile and user-centric solutions. The emphasis on adaptability and comfort reflects Amorphous's commitment to enhancing everyday experiences through thoughtful design interventions.

Exist Lamp
Exist LampAmorphous Design Lab

In the realm of luxury product development, Amorphous excels with projects like Luminaries. Here, they not only craft exquisite lighting fixtures but also prioritize social impact by uplifting craftsmen through skill development and revenue generation resources. This fusion of artistry and social responsibility exemplifies Amorphous' holistic approach to design, where aesthetics and ethics converge seamlessly.

What sets Amorphous apart is their overarching visual and design language, characterized by a blend of humor and eclectic energy. Each project tells a story, weaving together elements of tradition, technology, and societal relevance. Whether it's the whimsical yet functional design of their Procrastination Chair or the vibrant metamorphosis of Terra, every creation by Amorphous exudes a sense of playfulness and practicality.

The Procrastination Chair
The Procrastination ChairAmorphous Design Lab

The Procrastination Chair, for instance, is not just a piece of furniture but a manifestation of Amorphous's philosophy of embracing multiple postures for enhanced comfort. Whether sliding legs through the cushions or hanging on them, the chair invites users to embrace relaxation without compromising on style or functionality, and the name is funny which is everything.

Terra Mangalore Tiles
Terra Mangalore TilesAmorphous Design Lab

Similarly, Terra represents a vibrant reimagining of the Mangalore Tiles Company in a visually captivating manner. From naming brilliance to logo wizardry, Terra's brand identity reflects Amorphous's ability to marry craftsmanship with contemporary flair. The product shoot for Terra is a visual fiesta that beckons viewers to explore the rich narrative behind each tile, celebrating the legacy of Mangalore Tiles while ushering in a playful reinvention.

Amorphous's impact extends beyond product design to service design and research, where they tackle complex challenges with ingenuity and empathy. Their work with the Bombay Mothers & Children Welfare Society exemplifies this approach, applying design thinking methodologies to improve education services in tribal rural areas. Through workshops, interviews with stakeholders, and affinity mapping of data, Amorphous ensures that their solutions are not just innovative but also rooted in real-world needs and aspirations.

The SusTaIND Project
The SusTaIND ProjectAmorphous Design Lab

The SusTaIND Project is another milestone in Amorphous's journey, addressing the crisis of textile waste through a circular strategy. By collaborating with designers and building a global movement, Amorphous transforms textile waste into works of art, creating a sustainable approach that benefits communities and preserves natural resources. This project underscores Amorphous's commitment to environmental stewardship and collaborative innovation.

In essence, Amorphous Design Lab embodies the spirit of creativity, innovation, and social responsibility. Their diverse portfolio of projects showcases not just their design prowess but also their deep-seated commitment to making a positive impact on the world. With a blend of humor, eclecticism, and practicality, Amorphous continues to inspire and redefine the boundaries of contemporary design, paving the way for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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