'Mulaqaat' By Label Saim Is A Retro Reverie of Love and Liberation Through Fashion


Saim India, launched just three months ago by Saim, a graduate of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Kolkata and an ex-senior designer for the legendary Anamika Khanna, is an amalgamation of traditions and modernity. Saim's roots in his hometown, Calcutta, play a crucial role in shaping the brand's cultural and inspirational foundation.

The heartbeat of brand is Saim's profound affection for his family, partner, and his expertise - fashion. The brand becomes a vessel through which Saim shares a piece of his heart, a craft and vision that echo eternally in the subsequent worlds of those who embrace the brand. This deep connection with family, partner, and craft forms the backbone of the brand's philosophy.

In a mere three months since its inception, Saim India has not only carved a niche in the fashion industry but has also laid the foundation for a cultural movement. With roots deeply embedded in tradition and an eye towards the future, the brand serves as to the fact that modernity and culture can coexist harmoniously, creating an ecosystem where comfort, traditions, and craftsmanship thrive.

Incorporating elements like the 'ganji,' 'ghoonghat,' and 'topi' into contemporary pieces like layers, hoodies, and caps, Saim India constructs an ecosystem of style that refuses to shy away from its roots. According to Saim, "Culture has always been the cool," and this sentiment is palpable in every thread of the brand.

Saim India's campaign unfolds with two characters, Bulbul and Bobby, set against the backdrop of the humble eighties. Here, traditions and age-old cultures take center stage, weaving a narrative of hope, dreams, and a rooted patriotic form that embraces modern cultural styles in both fashion and life.

The campaign, aptly titled 'Mulaqaat' meaning 'meeting' in Urdu, serves as the brand's first introduction to its ecosystem. It revolves around a family-arranged meeting of two traditional individuals with the purpose of marriage, set in an era reminiscent of India's nostalgic past. The characters aspire for modernity, breaking free from societal norms, and embracing a 21st-century freedom while proudly maintaining their cultural identity.

Saim India's collection draws inspiration from key Indian street style sightings throughout history and everyday life. The brand reimagines traditionality with a focus on comfort and easy-to-wear clothing. The result is an essence of India embedded in proportions, drapes, and accessories, offering the present generation a subtle twist to ethnicity with functionality and a versatile, sustainable approach.

Saim underscores that India surpasses conventional representations in fashion; it embodies a personal style bestowed upon us by generations of history—a style that is uniquely pure and has the potential to engage in a global dialogue. Through Saim India, he extends an invitation not merely to wear the brand but to actively participate in a cultural discourse that surpasses temporal constraints and fashion trends.

A graduate of NIFT Kolkata, Saim boasts a storied journey in the realm of couture, marked by valuable internships with Raghavendra Rathore and a senior designer role at Anamika Khanna. Beyond the runway, his passions delve into the realms of digital art and fashion critique, leading to the creation of a podcast and blog named 'A Voice.' Through these mediums, Saim aspires to build a multicultural ecosystem that speaks volumes about India's culture, style, and existence.