'No Way Out': Tara Lily's Gothic New Music Video Was Inspired By Nepali Folk Tales

No Way Out
No Way OutTara Lily

Tara Lily defies categorization. This British-Bengali singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist is a force of nature, weaving a mesmerizing range of sound that reflects her own rich heritage. Raised in South London by music-loving parents, Tara was exposed to a potent blend of Bengali folk, rock, and jazz from a young age. This upbringing fostered a deep love for music and a natural inclination to explore and experiment.

However, Tara's journey has had its challenges. As a woman of color navigating the often homogenous music industry, she's felt like an outsider. Yet, this hasn't dampened her spirit. Fueled by an unwavering determination and a desire to carve her own path, Tara has emerged as a truly unique artist. Her music transcends genre, seamlessly blending soulful vocals, cascading piano melodies, and hints of Indian classical music with elements of drum and bass and R&B. This artistic alchemy reflects Tara's own identity – a fusion of cultures and influences, all brought together with a captivating sense of fluidity and purpose.

No Way Out
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Today, we are shining the spotlight on Tara’s latest single — 'No Way Out'. The down-tempo electronic soundscape thoroughly complements her vocals and the song's theme. A hauntingly feminine energy flows through the lyrics, alluding to elusive "secrets and crimes", that may be obscured by shadowy figures or circumstances. A stunning music video has visually presented the song. Shot in the Himalayas, Nepal, in association with North Face, it draws upon elements of gothic romance and has been inspired by Nepali folk tales. The video is atmospheric, dreamy, and evocative and presents itself as a dark secret that the viewers are being let in on but not revealed in its entirety.

Watch the music video below:

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