Satvik Soni: Meet The Homegrown Creator Whose Radical Honesty Is Defying The Algorithm

Satvik cuts through the noise with his bold, unfiltered voice.
Satvik cuts through the noise with his bold, unfiltered voice.Satvik Soni

Social media can often feel like a staged performance, with creators caught in a frenzy of building a platform. It becomes a numbers game, churning out content and creating an audience-approved persona. Building a platform often demands playing a part and is a constant act. Satvik Soni, however, shatters this facade. His honesty is utterly refreshing and is a breath of fresh air amid the carefully constructed walls of social media.

Growing up in Kanpur, he started writing from a very young age. Despite this, he had no real aspirations of turning the bubbling ideas in his head into something tangible. Instead, he took the normal route of wanting to start a business. Soon enough, when it was time to work, he joined start-ups. 

"Being related to filmmaking or making online videos seemed like a distant hobby, like of the rich," says Satvik. "So, It never really came up as an aspiration."
Satvik Soni

In a last-ditch effort born out of burnout, Satvik turned things around while stuck at the company, toiling away and brimming with the desire to create something. There comes a very real moment in the lives of many artists when dissatisfaction and exhaustion catch up, and there comes a sudden realisation that the only way to move forward is to have a creative outlet.

"I need a creative outlet basically. Just out of burnout one day I made my first reel. Since then, I've just been doing that almost like every Saturday."

Within a year, his initial goal of reaching 1,000 followers on Instagram set the wheels in motion. His videos, which began as reels on Instagram, opened doors to other avenues of expression: storytelling on social media, writing, youtube, podcasting, and most importantly, filmmaking. However, like a bird newly freed from its corporate cage, there are no labels that feel right. He craves the flexibility to jump around formats, to explore and experiment.

"I'm not comfortable being called any of it. Intrinsically, it feels like it boxes you in, inside some sort of box that you can't easily escape. So I don't really see myself in any of these labels, but I've just been more comfortable being called a creator, because that's the least restrictive label you can have."
Satvik Soni

Satvik's explosive rise to prominence across social media stems primarily from the existential themes he delves into in his videos, whether short or long-form. Death, anxiety, and the absurd have become his signature motifs. "I made a video on anxiety attacks, discussing how to overcome them. I wanted the video to simulate the experience of having an anxiety attack, so I wrote it while experiencing one myself, and I was just looking up ways to mitigate it", shares Satvik. He takes these weighty existential topics and juxtaposes them with the mundane occurrences of daily life.

The existential stuff or the absurdist material is definitely going to be part of everything I create.
Satvik Soni

While he draws inspiration from cinematic and literary references, each idea is rooted entirely in his own experiences. These themes reverberate deeply because they encapsulate the essence of life itself. One thing he is sure of in his work is that these themes will continue to permeat every piece of content he creates.

"I've definitely drawn inspiration from the way I write or the visuals, but the subject matter is always something I've experienced, and the underlying context is always personal."

Many times what the audience wants is of paramount significance. This relentless pursuit of likes can stifle creativity for many creators. But Satvik operates with the autonomy that the audience's needs don't dictate or triumph over his creative compass. It is akin to starting on his journey alone, and the people who watch his content can choose to hitch a ride and come along.

While he prioritises his own artistic vision, Satvik also values the informed opinions and constructive feedback of his audience. He isn't afraid to evolve his work based on valuable feedback. Over time, this exchange has cultivated a deeper understanding of his viewers.

"My process involves writing a script first. Whenever I have a script, I send it out to a few of my friends, and they give me feedback. Then I work through that feedback."
Satvik Soni

He recognises a crucial section of viewers who actively seek challenges in their media consumption, embracing complex and even uncomfortable themes. Fortunately, his audience has demonstrated a willingness to engage with these very elements, rather than shy away from them. This two-way street fuels his artistic journey and allows him to create content that is both true to his vision and deeply appreciated by his audience.

"Like you don't have to serve everything to them on a platter; there's a section of the audience that's willing to work on it."

To those who consume Satvik's content regularly, this might come as a big surprise. Despite churning out short films and reels with layered metaphors, he confesses to neither being a cinephile nor a devoted reader. A chronic case of ‘artist's guilt’ plagues him whenever he consumes media instead of creating. "Consuming anything alone, at least by myself, just feels wrong. Why am I consuming when I can be creative?", says Satvik. There's a relentless drive within him to keep producing, to keep working.

In a burgeoning cohort of new creators and influencers, it's increasingly challenging for many to distinguish themselves. However, Satvik cuts through the noise with his bold, unfiltered voice. Whether tackling the darkest themes or delving into the country's political scene, he's unafraid to incorporate a socio-political lens into his work. His aim isn't to browbeat viewers into adopting his perspective but rather to offer an alternative viewpoint grounded in real-life experiences. While this may not be his primary intention, this willingness to spark new conversations and challenge conventions distinguishes him in an increasingly crowded creator space.

"Everything I make will involve politics. I approach politics from a mundane perspective where you can't scold people into having better opinions. You have to make them see how it relates to their real life. That's the perspective I bring to everything."
Satvik Soni

At any given moment, Satvik is likely doing three different creative projects. One moment he might be collaborating with indie musicians, creating a cohesive film narrative from their album and songs. The next, he's pitching a show, his fingers flying across the keyboard as he writes, edits, directs, and perhaps even throws himself into a short film role.  He even plans to venture into music down the line, but for now, his primary goal is to extend beyond content creation. Surprisingly, none of these juggling endeavours seem to overwhelm him with exhaustion; rather, they bring him joy despite the nearly incessant time commitment required as a full-time creator.

"I just want to be able to create longer and more impactful content, and the format doesn't really matter right now as long as I'm enjoying the process."
Satvik Soni

Despite a playful aversion to the word 'synergy', Satvik believes that the importance of teamwork and idea-sharing at this stage in his life is vital for expansion and idea generation. However, he's a self-sufficient force as well, prepared to embrace the 'lone wolf genius' mantle, channelling the spirit of Casey Neistat, if the teamwork doesn't pan out. 

Watching Satvik's year-long journey unfold reveals a clear truth: his love for creating is unstoppable. He uses any platform he can to express himself and is leaving a trail of creativity that inspires everyone who experience it.

You can follow Satvik here.

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