Sunflower Tape Machine’s Upcoming Release Is An Ode To Unrequited Love

Sunflower Tape Machine’s Upcoming Release Is An Ode To Unrequited Love
Sunflower Tape Machine

Sunflower Tape Machine is the pseudonym and brain-child of Aryaman Singh, an independent musician based in Chennai, India. His love for gear, messing with sounds and tape echo, results in a vibrant aesthetic, and a dreamy soundscape. His music transports listeners to a sonic realm where memories collide with the present, evoking a sense of nostalgia for those who experienced the yesteryear firsthand while also resonating with today's generation.

Through carefully crafted melodies and lyrics, he explores universal themes, creating a relatable and emotionally charged experience for audiences worldwide. His discography and outlook on music, so far, have been very inspired by the likes of Tame Impala, Dayglow and My Bloody Valentine. While dream pop, shoegaze, and modern indie/alternative music lie at the heart of his creative inspiration, he remains open to exploring a wide range of genres.

Singh stands as the creative mastermind behind Sunflower Tape Machine, driving the artistic vision. However, collaborates with a talented 5-piece band, collectively transforming his compositions into captivating live performances. He has been featured on over 44,000 organic, user-generated playlists on spotify and became the first Indian artist on the global fresh finds playlist on spotify. His most recent track Rosemary (2023) is a fully acoustic Indie-Folk track about young love from the listeners perspective. 

“It is my most personal track yet, and an extremely relatable one as everyone has come across a Rosemary at some point in their life.”
Aryaman Singh

The character Rosemary, who the song is about, isn't anyone in particular but rather, a collective representation of the people you desire, but cannot be with. Visually, the aesthetic of the entire release is very cottage-core, from the album art, to the press shots. Sonically, it merges traditional folk elements with Sunflower's inclination for experimenting with vocals and how they are perceived.

Singh is back after a year-long hiatus and his newest track is set to release on 21st July. Find more about the independent artist here

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