Bloni's Ongoing Delhi Exhibition Blurs The Lines Between Art & Experimental Fashion

'Vapourizing Into Mist'
'Vapourizing Into Mist'Bloni

As part of an ongoing exhibition — 'Vapourizing Into Mist' at Nature Morte, homegrown brand BLONI is showcasing a diverse range of works running across themes of anatomical defiance and material playfulness. Curated by Peter Nagy, the exhibition seeks out experimentations that lean towards new forms and ideas; dismantling simplistic categorisations of ‘art’, ‘design’ and ‘craft’. 

Showcasing two 'inverted drop' pieces, one entirely made of hand hammered metal, a polished, gleaming armour like presence while the other a tenderly puffed fabric with heavily encrusted and embroidered with uncut stones; presented as a diptych of dichotomies. Another metallic shoulder piece, extracted from a larger piece, stands as a singular piece of armour. The sculpted nude rubber dress and the rectangular waisted structured steel mesh pants are conversations with human anatomy itself, flattering as well as challenging at the same time.

"The exhibition offers a chance for BLONI pieces to be contemplated upon more, consumed as art in a slower process, and acquired as investment. The pieces in such a space alerts the conceptual notions surrounding the pieces, accentuates certain nuances and helps build a new context entirely."

Akshat Bansal

The exhibition also sees BLONI’s first in a new body of work, a series of tie-dye on canvases, mimicking its signature abstractions with rough uncut stones embroidered on it. The work is built to mimic the very state of nature itself. It's raw and elemental with the outlines and colours setting the fierceness of the scene, and the jagged forms of the embroidery providing the undulations of the scene.

You can witness this unique exchange between the worlds of art and fashion at Nature Morte, The Dhan Mill, Chattarpur, New Delhi where the exhibition runs from July 9 to August 13, from 11 am to 7pm.

Find more about the brand here.

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