A Homegrown Brand Reimagining Indian Mythology & Folklore Through Eccentric Prints

RAFU'D is championing a brave new future of design.
RAFU'D is championing a brave new future of design.RAFU'D

Indian textiles and prints are a vivacious celebration of the country’s deep rooted ethos in mythology and folklore. Our motifs often reflect their influence as the skills of storytelling are embraced as an integral part of life. Unlike our western counterparts, countries in the east often orally narrated tales of fantastical worlds instead of transcribing them. These intergenerational narratives were then imagined through visual creations and plastered all over our stamps, calendars, magazines and much more. Reclaiming these eccentric and idiosyncratic symbols, homegrown brand RAFU'D is championing a new future of design.

The brand focuses on highlighting the narrative textiles of India within modernised silhouettes. Each piece in every collection takes inspiration from a historic artwork that was relevant in pop-culture and reuses it through quirky reimaginings; making the extensive history relevant within the Gen-Z audience. ‘Rafu’d’ is derived from the Urdu word Rafu, which means mending or patching a garment. The entire emphasis lies on capturing South Asian artistry, from the techniques to the design language.   

As the concept of sustainability is also deeply rooted in Indian practices, the emerging brand considers the entire life-cycle of a garment and makes conscious decisions when it comes to production. For this reason they are committed to working with organisations that uphold fair trade standards and only use recycled and biodegradable materials. As a result, they also wish to dignify the work of the artisans themselves, who are often overooked in the entire production cycle. The young founder, Shiashavi Mehta is shining light on their craftsmanship and focussing the lens of sustainability. 

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