This Week In Culture: A Malayalam Action Thriller, A Linocut Workshop & More

This Week In Culture: A Malayalam Action Thriller, A Linocut Workshop & More

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Do the Dance By Sid Sriram

Chennai-based Sid Sriram's music transcends musical categorizations set in stone and instead, fearlessly interweaves pop/soul, Indian classical, and alternative/ambient genres. The live performance of Do the Dance is a visual and auditory spectacle where each frame is an exquisite composition. What truly makes this performance stand out is the inclusion of children from The SLGV Carnatic choir, led by none other than Sid Sriram's own mother, Latha Sriram.

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Hunt for Veerappan by director Selvamani Selvaraj

Until his overt era of violence began, Veerapan and his luxurious mustache were a real-life anti-hero/cult figure in South India. Netflix's latest documentary, Hunt for Veerappan is an attempt at telling the story of one of India’s most notorious criminals who ever lived, Veerapan, keeping in mind the need for narrative neutrality. Drawing insights from those who were close to the situation on both sides - his wife Muthulakshmi and his erstwhile followers to the STF office who were monumental in ending his reign, all are part of the documentary. It delicately navigates the complex terrain of storytelling while presenting the hunt for one of India's most notorious criminals. This is a show worth your time.

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Adithattu by director Jijo Antony

Man — a mystery both on land and sea, finds his complexities mirrored in the characters of Adithattu, the 2022 Indian Malayalam-language action thriller. It defies convention and ventures into uncharted waters of storytelling. It depicts incredibly lifelike scenes and actions, providing viewers with an expansive journey into the heart of the interior sea. The film is a visual treat with its immersive experience and meticulous attention to detail, that allows the audience to comprehend the lives, language, and rhythms of the Neendakara fishermen.

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ErotikamaThe Intimacy Curator


Although often mistaken for pornography, erotica is an avenue for self-exploration and a deeper connection with one's body. At the heart of Erotikama lies the exploration of erotic arts, including literature, photography, and narration. Participants can immerse themselves in workshops exploring the realms of romance and passion. Erotikama also offers immersive experiential chambers designed to awaken the senses. From exploring the power dynamics of kink to embracing animalistic attraction and experiencing neo-tantra eroticism, these chambers invite participants to step outside their comfort zones in a safe and guided environment. The event also includes workshops in erotic writing, narration, and photography and an exhibition of erotic photographs that best represent narratives and themes related to sex, intimacy, and gender identity in contemporary urban India.

Date: September 16 & 17

Venue: Across different locations in Mumbai

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The Brunch Club
The Brunch ClubAnurag Arora

The Brunch Club By Anurag Arora

At the intersection of design and culinary arts, Anurag Arora, hailing from Bengaluru, stands as a visionary, redefining the boundaries of creativity and taste. Hailing from Bengaluru, this independent chef and product designer has seamlessly merged his two worlds, creating a captivating synergy between visual aesthetics and gastronomic delights. Anurag's foray into the culinary world began with his home pop-up in 2019. His home pop-ups have evolved into The Brunch Club, a recurring community of brunch enthusiasts who can relish a leisurely Sunday meal at a communal table. Anurag's unwavering excitement for the first meal of the day fuels his approach to the brunch club, where he seeks to ignite that same enthusiasm in others.

Date: September 9 & 10 from 11.30 AM – 1:30 PM

Venue: Magazine St. Kitchen.

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L: Aishwarya Jadhav R: A linocut print by Aishwarya
L: Aishwarya Jadhav R: A linocut print by AishwaryaPune Artistry Works

Linocut workshop by Pune Artistry Works

Pune Artistry Works is a homegrown business that makes stamps from linoleum on locally sourced, handmade paper. Aishwarya Jadhav, an architect and artist, conceived it from the ground up as a limited-edition operation. Largely self-taught through trial and error Aishwarya excels at linocut printmaking. Owing to popular demand, she is now sharing her know-how through an online workshop.

Date: 10 September

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PardafashRavjot Mehek Singh

Pardafash curated by Ravjot Mehek Singh

This exhibition features the works of 11 distinguished Sikh artists, who collectively unravel the intricate narratives of Sikh experiences in post-9/11 America. With a profound connection to their homeland, India, where ethnic and religious minorities face oppression, Pardafash stands as an artistic testament to the struggles of the Sikh community. Through a diverse array of artistic mediums, this exhibition aims to reveal hidden stories, trauma, and resilience that resonate with Sikhs across the globe.

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myPAPERCLIP X SHIVAN & NARRESH's latest collection of notebooks and laptop bags
myPAPERCLIP X SHIVAN & NARRESH's latest collection of notebooks and laptop bags myPAPERCLIP


From beautifully designed journals and notebooks with intricate artworks as covers to sleek laptop sleeves and wallets, myPAPERCLIP’s online store has it all.

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‘Love All’ from Same Sisters
‘Love All’ from Same SistersIsaac Nico

‘Love All’ from Same Sisters Features One-Off Athleisure Made From Vintage Sarees

Their latest drop, Love All converts vintage sarees into one-off athleisure that are structured, functional, and give a nod to the bygone eras, as is the norm with the brand. The brand Same Sisters, seeking to wear vintage trends and appease their soul, created this collection, that is meant for all occasions. The collection is diverse ranging from structured, cropped blazers to boxy, short-sleeved shirts that’d feel right at home in the 80s.

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