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This Week In Culture: A Swap Party In Bangalore, A 4/20-Themed Bundle, & Much More

Welcome to this week's sizzling edition of Homegrown's Culture Bulletin, where we're turning up the heat with a smorgasbord of creative delights that match the rising temperatures of April. From the blazing nostalgia of 70s Bollywood to the gleaming allure of exquisite jewellery, we're diving into a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions that set the stage for a hot season ahead, with just a touch of mischief. Don't forget to celebrate 4/20 — the communal celebration of a countercultural movement that has grown from its rebellious roots to become a global phenomenon that's catalyzed hottest events, releases, and products from across India's creative economy.


Tan Ki Jawala '24
Tan Ki Jawala '24Doh Tak Keh

Tan Ki Jwala '24 - Doh Tak Keh

In the dazzling world of 70s Bollywood, Tan Ki Jawala '24 by Doh Tak Keh emerges as a modern ode to the era's glitz and charisma. This collection, reminiscent of bell-bottoms and disco lights, infuses Mumbai's vibrant pulse into every stitch. Inspired by local tailoring shops and the city's creative spirit, each piece reflects the essence of amchi Mumbai, blending nostalgia with contemporary flair in vibrant prints and charming designs.

Check it out here.

Jewellery by Tanzir
Jewellery by TanzirTanzire

Tanzire - A Homegrown Platform For Modern Jewellery

Tanzire jewellery sets a progressive and modern standard of homegrown adornment, redefining the traditional notions of jewellery as symbols of status or gifts.The platform curates a diverse range of brands, both Indian and global, reflecting the wearer's unique personality and values. Tanzire's demi-fine collection embraces contemporary lifestyles; challenging stereotypes and advocating for self-purchase and self-expression in jewellery.

Check it out here.


Swap Party 2.0
Swap Party 2.0The Shift

Swap Party 2.0 By The Shift

Swap Party 2.0 embodies a stylish yet thrifty approach to sustainable fashion. Led by Anuhya Katta and supported by Anareen Julia Reynolds, Surya Prakash, and Anvita Subramoniom, The Shift aims to address fashion wastage through a community-driven initiative. The event promotes circular fashion by inviting participants to swap gently worn clothes and accessories, giving these items new life and reducing fashion waste. By engaging in conscious consumption and embracing the concept of 'new-to-you' pieces, attendees contribute to a more sustainable fashion ecosystem in line with The Shift's ethos.

Check it out here.

KittenpopantiSOCIAL Goa

Kittenpop By antiSOCIAL Goa

Kittenpop at antiSOCIAL this Saturday promises a unique fusion of fashion, music, and art, celebrating 4/20 and World Record Store Day with a beach party vibe. With a strictly vinyl-only lineup and live painting showcases by talented artists, attendees can embark on a multi-sensory journey through creativity and community. The event's eclectic musical lineup, featuring ASID RU and IGGYTHEDOCTOR, ensures a lively atmosphere, complemented by opportunities to shop for unique finds and indulge in delectable treats.

Check it out here.


Carmona's Talking Quilt
Carmona's Talking Quilt Berta Elisa Viegas & Savia Viegas

Carmona's Talking Quilt By Savia Viegas

Carmona's Talking Quilt is a captivating tale of inter-generational artistry and nostalgia, woven by Savia Viegas, a versatile artist hailing from the Goan village of Carmona. Inspired by her mother's mastery in embroidery, Savia's journey with the art form began as a childhood fascination, later balanced with academic pursuits. Her return to Goa in 2005 sparked a creative resurgence, leading to the creation of a denim quilt using salvaged fabric from her sons' childhood and family members. The quilt, adorned with intricate embroidery by her mother, is a testament to the transformative power of preserving memories through art, breathing new life into discarded materials and weaving a narrative of heritage and creativity.

Check it out here.

Braiding Dusk and Dawn
Braiding Dusk and DawnSoumya Sankar Bose

Braiding Dusk and Dawn By Soumya Sankar Bose

The latest exhibition at the Delfina Foundation in London invites viewers into a profound exploration of memory and loss through Soumya Sankar Bose's innovative use of photography and technology. Using a 360° VR film, Bose immerses viewers in his grandfather's quest for his missing daughter amidst the chaos of post-Partition Bengal. The exhibition also features a three-channel film, Things We Lost Last Night, narrated by Bose's mother, blending personal reflections with historical and surreal elements, creating a poignant landscape of fragmented memories and emotional landscapes.

Check it out here.


‘TheMatchBox’ is a limited edition 4/20-themed drop that draws on the distinct cultural traditions of Indian matchbox art.
‘TheMatchBox’ is a limited edition 4/20-themed drop that draws on the distinct cultural traditions of Indian matchbox art. Kaagazz & Extra Butter

A 4/20 Bundle By Kaagazz & Extra Butter

Kaagazz's collaboration with Extra Butter for 'TheMatchBox' 4/20 bundle epitomizes the fusion of streetwear and cultural heritage. Inspired by Indian matchbox art, the limited edition drop features exclusively designed rolling papers, a t-shirt, and other goodies, all reflecting the vibrant colors and themes of traditional matchbox art. This collaboration seamlessly merges Extra Butter's global perspective with Kaagazz's commitment to showcasing Indian culture in a contemporary context, offering a unique and culturally rich streetwear experience.

Check it out here.

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