10 Unique Handcrafted Indian Etsy Stores

10 Unique Handcrafted Indian Etsy Stores
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This festive season invites a variety of reasons as to why you should refrain from fretting over the possibility of a friend not liking your gift, among which Etsy remains on the top of the list. For those who aren’t well aquatinted with this platform, well, Etsy is a platform where millions of artisans showcase their talents and abilities, for you to savour every bit of their artistic fervour. We, at Homegrown went a step ahead to curate for you a list of artistry from Etsy.

Here’s our pick of the top 10 Etsy stores:

Mythological art finds a surreal display in the vivid portraits of Indian gods and goddesses. Featuring mighty Indian goddesses like Maa Durga, Maa Annapurna, and Ganesh among other paintings, the art works at Studio Anahata spurred back to life the Indianised hues and colours that further enunciate and revive ancient mythology. Each different frame exudes its own unique aura. When put up on the walls, these murals are bound to accentuate the overall mood, giving it a very desi luxe.

As the cool air of the mountains brushes past you, seek for cosiness and warmth in one of Kashmir’s finest creations, the Pashmina shawl. Pay homage to the intricate exotic patterns spun on these fine silk shawls. These prestigious silk scarves are woven from Kashmir’s finest blend. Kashmir Galore’s wide repertoire stretches beyond just silk pashminas, into the ambit of home decor; such as the likes of carpets and walnut furniture.

The artist Niharika Rajput decided to channel her ardent love for birds through carefully handcrafting life like remodelled works of art. Her eye for detail and passion when it comes to making these adorable little winged creatures knows no bound. With the overwhelming urge to conjure the realm of endangered wild species, she takes an interesting stance on the theme of bird conservation. She gives new meaning to her delicate creations, giving them texture through her vivid use of colour and materials.

Credit - nijarikarajput.com

In this store, variants of stone, earth and clay are made into fine pottery. Each and every form of artistry requires a dash of patience, well this one is a sheer outcome of all the perseverance. With over a series of pastel and vivid hued pots and designs to drool over, be sure to carefully choose your pick! It will be moulded and delivered to you freshly out of the kiln.

Credit - Aura Pottery Instagram

From decadent bowls of Indian delicacies, to delicately crafted chocolate boxes, Small Idea’s Shirali will make sure you’re salivating just by looking at her adorable miniature series of food. From the glazed texture of sugar syrup to the innate detailing of bell peppers neatly stacked in a skewer, the miniature food samples are similar to the real deal, barring the fact that they aren’t edible. But boy do they make you wish that weren’t true!

These hand-painted wooden bowls comprise very aesthetic-looking prints and sprays of flora and fauna donned on. Each new wooden bowl represents a unique display of flowers. The artist, Uttara, also conducts workshops for those eager to learn symmetrical designs.

Artisanal, handcrafted items from Jaipur Blue Pottery consists of potteries in varied shades of blue, which include personalised jars with scallop-trimmed edges. These enamel-coated designs embody Jaipur’s culture and all that it stands for. They are heavily affiliated with the arts and crafts, to adorn your interiors and add touches of the pink city at your abode.

A fan of junk jewellery? Well look at what we have here. Paper Melon is a store filled with sustainably-crafted paper jewellery consisting of many shapes and forms such as cones, florets etc. Be sure to adorn your neck with these wonderfully handcrafted paper ornaments.

This unique Goa-based studio specialises in ceramic, blow and stained glass art. Their artistic creations comprise of art engraved in porcelain; their porcelain art models have a very glazed artistic appeal. They also model art sourced from terracotta.

This tiny business has reached over to a wide audience, by virtue of the fact that Kriti’s home decor shop specialises in block prints, meticulously stitched and curated to bring together the wide range of products in store. Their products include quilts, cushions, table linens, bags, and even cotton kimonos and curtains! Add more texture and vibrance to your room with the Indianised aesthetics of these effervescent prints.

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