4 Emerging Homegrown Athleisure Brands Nailing the Sporty Meets Chic Aesthetic

4 Emerging Homegrown Athleisure Brands Nailing the Sporty Meets Chic Aesthetic

Almost a year of living the new normal lifestyle that now is marked by the couch being the official workstation and sweatpants being the work-from-home uniform, change marks every sphere of life. The fashion industry is no stranger to the advent of changing scenarios and new fads.

With the rising demand for fashion-meets-comfort attire in the market, the Athleisure silhouette has marked its position as a growing fashion segment that has a cult-like fanbase of its own.

Dressing down is the new chic on the streets and the sporty yet comfy combo of Athleisure nails the desired aesthetic . A quick trip to your nearest grocery store or a low-key brunch with the mates- The Athleisure silhouette marks it all!.

What is Athleisure?

The word ‘Athleisure’ is a combination of athletic and leisure. Athleisure is the latest fashion trend hogging the spotlight due to its versatile design that deems it fit for workouts limited to being worn at the gym or casual social events and even at the workplace.

With the new fad catching up, athletic brands have started making further improvements in the production of Athleisure outfits making them more lightweight, waterproof, and breathable. This saw athleisure combine sports, urban and fashion trends becoming a complete solution to leading a fashionable lifestyle.

The most common Athleisure outfits are leggings, yoga pants, sweatpants, gym tanks, sports bras, hoodies, tights, shorts, sneakers and many more. The growth of the trend has been rapid and Athleisure can now be regarded as a fashion industry movement.

The Rise of Athleisure

Athleisure came in vogue as recently as the last decade when fitness regimes became popular. Slowly yet steadily, sport brands of the likes of Adidas and Lulu Lemon began to churn out sporty yet leisure-based attires that ultimately carved a niche of its own.

The Indian Scenario

When it comes to mastering the latest fads, the Indian fashion Industry is no stranger to experimenting and whipping up its own take on the comfy yet sporty clothing staple.

Homegrown brings you a list of sustainable labels that are dropping the coolest athleisure drip on the block to keep you dripped out in style this season. Here’s a quick rundown:

Comfy loungewear by futureof

The nascent label recently released its first capsule collection of loungewear that was designed using conscious materials. With comfy sets that carry a minimalist feel and a street appeal, these are a must-add option in your wardrobe!

Check out their latest collection here.

Organic athleisure by Satva


Marking its claim to fame in the athleisure category is Satva that delivers sturdy and comfortable organic cotton wear. The brand solely relies on organic cotton when it comes to its collection. If you’ve been looking for a fun and vibrant alternative, Satva’s colour-blocking collection does not fail to impress with its range of tees and leggings that rocks seems fit for your gym session and post-workout plans as well.

Check out their latest collection here.

Proyog provides a blend of the yogi lifestyle and athletic wear


Providing the ultimate fit for modern yogis, Proyog blends Indian styles with comfort in its collections that feature innovative statement pieces like dhoti-shorts, wrap tops, infinity scarves with built-in pockets and more. The label boasts of using the ‘HYPERBREATH™’ fabric, which is organic, super-soft, and moisture-wicking – perfect for your homebody lifestyle as well.

Check out their latest collection here.

Deivee products are solely made of organic materials.


Founded by Milind Soman and Darshan M, this activewear label specifically caters to Indian sensibilities and body types. Accordingly, their product range includes performance kurtis, harem pants, copper water bottles, yoga mats and incense. All their production happens in fair- trade facilities using raw materials like organic cotton, banana fibre, wild grass, coconuts, recycled polyester etc. Deivee’s philosophy is to make the world a healthier and happier place using yoga and active living. They also have a program where their NGO partner, Grow Trees, plants a tree in Chintamani, Karnataka, for every purchased Deivee Tree T-shirt, notes VOGUE.

Check out their Latest collection here.

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