Apply For A Goa Music Residency Intersecting Creativity, Industry Knowledge, & Self-Care

The Amplify Music Incubator
The Amplify Music Incubator Gatecrash

Created with an aim to address the lack of support and infrastructure for independent artists in India, Amplify Music Incubator (AMI) has for the first time since its’ launch in 2021, announced a call for applications for its upcoming edition. Developed by Mumbai-based music agency Gatecrash, it is a national not-for-profit initiative that helps up-and-coming artists by providing cultural and creative entrepreneurship training, building strong networks in the industry via comprehensive training and thorough interactions. 

The hybrid six week program in Goa aims to help artists understand the creative and business side of what it is to be an artist. Including building a greater understanding of the power of creative collaboration while demystifying PR and promotions, copyrights and royalties, and the complex world of streaming. For 2023, the program has also introduced workshops on mental wellbeing, consultation with stylists to define a persona as well as one-on-one mentorship to help artists better navigate problem areas like content and release strategy.

“As program facilitators, we are also constantly learning and improving the program by adding newer interventions to it. By listening to artists, we have been able to identify pressure points and add some really vital and cool workshops to the program. Wellbeing is a focus this year with workshops and talks like Grounding in the Creative Space, yoga and meditation (during the residency), Intuitive Art Therapy, Dance Therapy etc.”

Tanish Thakker, founder AMI

Now in its third year, AMI is also seeing greater participation from the music industry. As they are looking at knowledge sharing and artist development differently, becoming more proactive in wanting to help out. Additionally a new addition is the program’s collaboration with not-for-profit Music Mulakatein for a series of shows called ‘Music Mulakatein Live’ across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. These will be organised in collaborations with local NGOs so that people from disadvantaged communities can have access to live music and the shows will feature a few selected artists from all editions of AMI. 

Developed by Gatecrash and supported by Institut Français, Canada’s Music Incubator and Believe, the artist development programme has announced a call for applications for its sixth edition that begins on 14th August. To apply for a spot on the program, head here.

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