Dive Into Art & Culture In February With This Homegrown Guide

Dive Into Art & Culture In February With This Homegrown Guide

The month of February is seeing an outburst of unique cultural and artistic exhibits all around the country. These experiences are delving into art heritage while also combining new age artists and their zeal for tech innovation. What sets these events apart is their all-immersive structure that does not limit the viewer to a single narrative, rather takes them on a tour of contemporary art involving multiple artists.

If you are interested in understanding the burgeoning art culture of India, here are a few events that should be on your list in the month of February. 

I. Kunel Gaur

Artist Kunel Gaur is a creative director/designer whose personal visual style is inspired by functional design and brutalist architecture. In addition to being inspired by the design movement that emerged in the 1950s which has come to evolve as a response to the overwhelming use of embellishment on visual communication both online and offline.

With his second solo exhibition with Method, Kunel furthers his exploration of design in urban landscapes and architecture. Inspired by the details in cities around the world, Kunel’s fascination with the symbols, typography, hardware, patterns and colours converges in an articulation that speculates the balanced beauty and form of the elements that primarily serve a function for urban dwellers. The show also features digital explorations of the same theme.

When: 9th-19th Feb 2023

Explore more about the exhibit here.

II. India Art Fair

Bringing together 85 exhibitors including 71 galleries and 14 institutions, India Art Fair is a meeting ground for collectors, curators, and art professionals. IAF has been known for strengthening cultural dialogue and testing the boundaries of contemporary and traditional arts in the realm of digital innovation. It provides a platform for building ties between our native creatives and the international art scene as well as sheds light on the unexplored talent from different regions of India.

The works have been produced in response to our changing times and are complemented with insightful art guides to help one understand their relevance. Additionally the event also will give you access to the different talks, performances, workshops and book stalls that dissect art from unique angles. 

When: 9th-12th Feb 2023

Explore more about the event here.


III. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Asia’s biggest multicultural festival at Kala Ghoda is back after a break of two years. Taking over the streets of Mumbai with uniquely themed exhibitions, the festival draws visitors in large numbers, from all around the country and the world. These are spread across 14 verticals – Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Theatre, Literature, Food, Children’s Literature & Workshops, Cinema, Heritage Walks, Stand Up Comedy, Street Art, Urban Design & Architecture, Visual Arts and Workshops – at multiple iconic venues.

When: 4th-12th feb 2023

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IV. Mumbai Urban Art Festival

After a hiatus of 5 years, Mumbai Urban Art Festival is back to contribute to the contemporary public art heritage. The new interventions are aimed at creating a dialogue on pressing issues with regard to future cities. Exploring the idea of ‘city in flux’, as a constant movement inherent to the city of Mumbai, the key projects of the festival will be featuring permanent outdoor murals and 3 indoor experiential exhibitions. 

Co-organised by St+art India and Asian Paints, the festival is taking over multiple locations across the city while the main project is being hosted at the famous Sassoon Docks. Additionally there will be a plethora of performances, workshops, talks and kids programming adding to the event.  

When: Until 22nd Feb 2023

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