Homegrown Artists From Nagaland That You Should Watch Out For

Homegrown Artists From Nagaland That You Should Watch Out For

Over the years, there has been a shift in the way we interact with music. The coming together of the whole world in our 6.1 inch screens has allowed us to discover artists and genres that were not easily accessible before. Our playlists have diversified, however, there is a plethora of talent that the mainstream tends to ignore. For instance, despite everything, some cultural niches like the hills of Nagaland have long been shrouded in a sense of mystery.

To this end , here’s Homegrown’s pick of the best known and emerging acts from Nagaland that cannot be ignored or hushed into silence.

Coming from a family of musicians, singer-songwriter Abdon Mech from Thahekhu Village, Dimapur in Nagaland has music in his genes. His hauntingly beautiful voice has the ability to tug at your heartstrings. His debut single ‘Again’ released in August 2020 explores the pandemic from diverse perspectives and also has an animated lyrical video by Nagaland artist Keneisenuo Solo. The single has gentle instrumentation backing the singer’s aching and heart-wrenching voice adding to the sense of intimacy the song offers. Mech’s voice is like a warm blanket that envelopes you on a chilly winter morning and we can’t wait for what he does next.

You can see the official lyrics video here.

For indie artist and singer-songwriter Alemyim who is now based out of Delhi, music cannot be confined into genres. Her soothing voice on her debut track ‘Could I’ goes well with her experimental nature. The conversational song is born out of the artist’s own ethical dilemmas. “It was a chance to ask me to forgive myself for making mistakes but also hoping I could do better in the process. It sounds like a conversation with someone else but more importantly, it’s a conversation with myself and me wondering if I could be something better” the artist said of her debut in an interview. Her relatable lyricism along with her ability to be vulnerable makes her stand apart.

You can see the official music video for ‘Could I’ here.

To talk about the Nagaland music scene without mentioning Dimapur musician Alobo Naga would be a sin. In 2012, Naga won the Best Indian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards highlighting him globally. Over the years Naga’s sound has evolved from a folk-rock sound in his debut album to a more electro-pop sound now. His powerful vocals along with the diversity of range make him a force to reckon with. His latest single ‘Chasing Ghosts’ highlights the depth in his voice and is further proof of the artist’s incredible vocal range.

For 22-year-old hip-hop and rap artist Safer Uddin who plays under the moniker ‘Big Dane’, music is a way to represent Chumukedima (his birthplace) and bring it to the mainstream. Big Dane’s raw and evocative raps coupled with crisp lyricism and his powerful voice are a seamless fit. The artist is not afraid to speak truth to power and his music is a testament of that. He has been an active part of the scene for a while now and we can’t wait for all that is yet to come.

You can listen to his music here.

Belonging to the Angami Naga tribe, Sekhose is a freestyle rapper from Kohima. Amongst the most celebrated rappers from the region, his deliveries are smooth and his lyrical compositions are crisp. Having performed in major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai the artist is well known for the fineness he offers. His raps are honest and raw and fit seamlessly with his productions. “I realized that rap is a platform I can use to express myself,” the artist said in an interview earlier in 2020.

You can check out his music here.

24-year-old rapper Moko Koza’s music is a reminder of everything we love about the sub-culture of rap and hip-hop in India. It is refreshing and talks about important issues with a humorous spin on it. He has an unteachable charisma that is hard to explain but keeps you coming back to his music. His lyricism, cadence and consistency make him an artist unlike any other. His latest single ‘Aladin’ is further proof of his honest and humorous lyricism along with his impeccable clarity and delivery.

If you are looking for a dose of sunshine in an incredibly tough time, Tali Angh’s music works as an anchor to pull you through that storm towards light. His melodious and soulful voice offers a sense of comfort and calmness. His soothing soul sound set to mellow music is cathartic and though it may seem easy to pin him down as a gospel singer, he offers a lot more. His voice has the ability to pull at your heart-strings and allow you the space to feel.

You can listen to his music here.

What makes Temsukala, who plays under the name ‘Temsu Clover’, stand apart from her contemporaries is the stark honesty in her lyricism coupled with their gentle strumming of the ukelele. It makes for a soulful rendition that is able to enrapture her audience. Her single ‘Confessions Of A Bipolar Mind’ touches upon melancholy and reveals the vulnerability behind the fragility of human experiences where we need to constantly put up a face to mask our sorrows and loneliness.

You can hear her music here.

Virie was able to amass a loyal following on her Instagram channel by posting covers of various songs. Over the years, the singer-songwriter has started posting her original compositions that reveal her poignant lyricism. Delving into genres like dream pop, sad core and indie the artist’s melancholic and soulful sound is a perfect fit. Her latest singles ‘Aliya’ and ‘Feel Good’ are proof of her diverse compositions with ‘Aliya’ offering a whimsical and dreamy sound and ‘Feel Good’ offering a sense of nostalgia and Lana Del Rey-esque sound.

You can check out her music repertoire here.

An emerging voice from the hills of Nagaland, singer-songwriter Yanto Wangsa has a sense of ease to him. In a seemingly fast-paced world, his voice has the ability to make you sit back and appreciate the calmness his voice brings. The gentle strumming of the guitar set to his soothing voice adds to the misty, mellow, and hopeful environment leaving the listener with a warm sense of happiness. His debut single, ‘To The Hill’ feels at once personal and hopeful.

You can hear To The Hill here.

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