Mumbai, Attend An Immersive Art Experience Exploring The Human Psyche Through Absurdism

Mumbai, Attend An Immersive Art Experience Exploring The Human Psyche Through Absurdism

Absurdism is a captivating school of thought in philosophy, that challenges conventional notions of meaning and purpose in the human experience. Embracing the inherent absurdity of existence, it opens new intellectual avenues, encouraging individuals to find comfort in the chaos of life. This philosophy often serves as an undercurrent in art, shaping the way artists think and creating space for unconventional perspectives on the complexities of our existence. Embracing the same, Renowned artist Tejal Patni unveils his latest immersive experience where the attendees will be transported into a surreal realm where the ordinary metamorphoses into the extraordinary, and the bizarre is celebrated as beautiful.

Derived from the Hindi word 'Vichitra,' meaning 'bizarre,' Patni's creation serves as an invitation for viewers to embark on a profound journey beyond the superficial, exploring the concealed truths that materialize when lights dim, and the world turns inward. In an age dominated by meticulously crafted narratives and ceaseless connectivity, 'Vichitra' stands as a rebellious ode to the peculiarities we often guard so zealously.

Inspired by Patni's encounter with an unfinished building in Delhi, the exhibition unveils the tales of diverse individuals converging in a shared space, transcending the limitations of physical boundaries. Through evocative visuals and live performances, 'Vichitra transforms into a testament to the universality of human experience, prompting contemplation on vulnerability, connectivity, and the unspoken bonds that intertwine us all.

What sets 'Vichitra' apart is its departure from traditional art showcases. The exhibition offers a fully immersive experience, breaking down the barriers between observer and observed. Multiple exposed rooms feature live actors immersed in imaginative and fantastical narratives, encouraging spectators to become integral co-creators of the unfolding surreal scenes. The lines between imagination and reality blur, and passive observation transforms into active engagement.

Patni's commitment to his craft and neo-whimsical style is evident not only in the immersive exhibition but also in a series of short films that accompany the showcase. In these films, weary city dwellers engage in mundane city activities, set against the backdrop of a typical Indian day. However, each scenario takes a surreal turn as characters from 'Vichitra' infiltrate these everyday scenes, introducing an element of the extraordinary to the ordinary.

In one film, a podgy Mumbai resident nods off in a bus during the mid-afternoon heat, only to be startled by the presence of the Vichitra lady in red standing beside him. The unexpected encounter prompts a shift, as he graciously offers her a seat, blurring the lines between reality and the strange world of Tejal Patni.

Another short film captures the interaction between a typical Mumbaikar aunty and a Vichitra girl holding a fishbowl. As the aunty prepares to enter an antiquated elevator, she pauses upon seeing the peculiar sight and invites the Vichitra girl to join her, symbolizing the fusion of the ordinary and the bizarre in Patni's universe.

To further amplify the intersection of the strange and the everyday, live events are staged on Mumbai's streets. Regular Mumbaikars, bewildered by the peculiar characters, receive invitations to 'Vichitra'. The live events are documented for Instagram, creating an interactive experience that blurs the boundaries between art and reality.

A unique on-ground component involves bizarrely dressed characters passing by influential individuals during video recordings or Instagram LIVE sessions. The influencers remain oblivious to the unconventional figures behind them until later, revealing that these characters are part of the Vichitra experience, underscoring the seamless integration of Tejal Patni's world into the fabric of daily life.

'Vichitra' transcends the boundaries of a typical art exhibition; it's an interactive exploration of the human psyche, providing a rare glimpse into the hidden corners of our souls. Don't miss the limited run of 'Vichitra' and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the strange and captivating world of Tejal Patni at Snowball Studios in Mumbai from March 8-12, 2024.

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