A New Book Explores The Role Indigenous Women Play In Environmental Conservation

Movements & Moments
Movements & Moments Movements & Moments

An archive of feminist endeavours around the world, ‘Movements & Moments’ is an archive of ten comics that link the fight for gender equity with environmental preservation. Oftentimes the solitary protests and struggles of indigenous women are forgotten or overlooked even though they tend to create a multitude of changes and are integral to their heritage. The illustrated book revisits these movements of resilience that turned into global movements.

Most importantly the book discusses the role of indigenous women in creating awareness about the climate crisis, as they pave the way for international organisations to take up the challenge of environmental preservation by being the first leaders who spoke of traditional knowledge and living in harmony with nature. These women also belong to communities that carry the major brunt of the climate catastrophe and understand the real struggles that come with the destruction of natural habitats.

The ingenious illustrations craft visual narratives of these historical movements, documenting the multifaceted struggles and individual victories. Frontline Magazine notes the incredible and unforgettable colour scheme: brick-red for the people organising protests in the past; olive green for the military pressed into action against them; turquoise for the land and sometimes the river; salmon pink for memory, martyrs, and the act of remembering.

Even the use of speech bubbles is integral to the narrative as they chronicle the history of a people communicating in a desperate bid to save their land; driving home the message of indigenous resilience, sisterhood, and the urgent need for change. You can find the book here