How 'Cure By Design' Is Leading India's Hemp Revolution By Promoting Holistic Wellness

How 'Cure By Design' Is Leading India's Hemp Revolution By Promoting Holistic Wellness
Cure By Design

The cannabis plant has historically carried a certain stigma and social taboo in many modern societies. Nevertheless, societal perspectives are evolving. In recent years, numerous Western nations have moved towards legalizing the sale and use of medical marijuana and hemp products, acknowledging and harnessing the various benefits offered by the plant.

In India, while marijuana remains illegal, there has been a surge in the popularity of hemp, the industrial variant of the cannabis plant. Hemp is often mistaken for its more colourful relative, marijuana. While both share similarities in chemical composition, hemp contains minimal Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), unlike marijuana, which contains enough to induce a 'high' in users. Despite marijuana's tarnished reputation, numerous Indian entrepreneurs have seized upon hemp's vast potential, offering a wide array of hemp products, including fabric, fiber, seeds, oil, and paper.

At the forefront of India's hemp revolution stands Cure by Design. With a broad vision to introduce the manifold benefits of hemp and medical cannabis (CBD) to the Indian populace, the brand offers an extensive product line ranging from essential nutrition to specialised formulations for humans and pets alike. From nutrient-rich hemp seeds to CBD-infused tinctures, soothing balms, and wellness capsules, customers can explore a diverse selection designed to promote overall well-being.

Cure by Design collaborates closely with Uttarakhand farmers to ensure the highest-quality hemp sourcing, embracing the healing potential of nature and eschewing harmful chemicals or additives in their products.

How 'Cure By Design' Is Leading India's Hemp Revolution By Promoting Holistic Wellness
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In pursuit of sustainable growth and the promotion of holistic wellness, Cure By Design proudly announces the opening of its eagerly awaited Experience Centre-Cum-Clinic in Bangalore. Nestled in the bustling Indiranagar neighbourhood, this innovative establishment represents a significant milestone in the company's mission to remove the stigma of using hemp and CBD while democratising their transformative benefits.

More than a mere retail space, the experience centre-cum-clinic embodies Cure By Design's dedication to holistic healing. Staffed by knowledgeable in-house doctors and wellness experts, the facility offers personalised consultations and guidance tailored to individual needs and objectives.

Whether seeking relief from chronic pain, managing anxiety, or supporting beloved pets, visitors can expect comprehensive care tailored to their specific requirements.

What began as a bootstrap initiative catering predominantly to business-to-business clients has blossomed into a dynamic storefront poised to redefine the discourse surrounding health and well-being. Cure by Design's journey has been one of resilience and unwavering dedication.

Founded four years ago by Daanish Matheen, the company embarked on a mission to educate individuals about holistic wellness approaches. Despite encountering numerous obstacles, the team persisted, propelled by their faith in the transformative potential of natural remedies.

As it has journeyed forward, Cure by Design has touched countless lives, both human and furry companions alike. Collaborating with over 100 veterinarians and 85 ayurvedic clinics, the company has expanded its reach far beyond its modest beginnings.

From crafting wellness products for pets to formulating natural remedies for humans, Cure by Design has established itself as a beacon of quality and efficacy in holistic health. Yet, what truly distinguishes Cure by Design is its steadfast dedication to delivering an unparalleled experience, characterized by bespoke care and an unwavering commitment to holistic healing.

"At Cure By Design, our vision extends beyond simply offering products. We strive to create a supportive environment where individuals can access the transformative potential of hemp and CBD with confidence. With the opening of our Experience Centre-Cum-Clinic, we're taking a significant step towards realizing this vision and empowering our community to embrace holistic wellness."

Daanish Matheen

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