How Trivandrum-Based Qudrat Transforms Agricultural Waste Into Sustainable Serveware

Qudrat creates zero waste plates, tumblers and straws that are biodegradable and micro plastic free.
Qudrat creates zero waste plates, tumblers and straws that are biodegradable and micro plastic

Whether you go to Dharamshala or Munnar, there is always plastic waste that is left behind by travellers along common hiking trails. While people love to picnic in the great outdoors, from mountains to beaches, they seldom think about the impact of plastic waste. Even disposable paper serveware is not as environmentally friendly as one would think. The conversation around plastic waste and its impact on the planet has increased in the last two decades, but the reduction in its usage is still going at a snail's pace. While some don’t have the necessary know-how about the need for being environment-friendly, others can’t afford to switch to many of the alternate options in the market. Paper packaging and disposable serveware is the second best option, but they come with their own list of limitations. 

To manufacture paper plates, trees have to be cut down. There is also the fact that most disposable paper cups and plates are made waterproof with the use of thin water-resistant film that contains microplastics. When exposed to the elements, such as warm water or UV rays, they release these microplastics that can enter your body. They also break down very slowly and seep into the soil or the water sources they end up in. But thanks to the innovative entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas, there are alternate options that are available in the market. 

Qudrat is a Trivandrum-based venture founded by sibling duo Rishab and Rohan Suri who are creating alternate serveware options after extensive research, for those who want to make a difference. As passionate sustainability advocates, they create biodegradable serve ware made from agricultural waste. The brand works with material experts, agricultural engineers and tech and hardware product designers with veritable experience to their name to create their products.  

Made from agricultural and paddy residue such as rice bran, rice husk and rice straw, they tackle two issues with this venture. With India being the world’s second-largest producer and exporter of rice, the crop residue was burnt or disposed of earlier. By collecting the waste from local farms and upcycling them into eco-friendly, biodegradable serveware they are both reducing waste and providing an alternative to plastic and paper tableware. 

While their cause and philosophy are truly laudable, something also has to be said about the look and functionality of the products from qudrat. With a rustic yet sleek finish, the products from qudrat is surprisingly aesthetic and sturdy. The biodegradable products in their collection are also microwaveable and freezable. If you’re using the plate to serve dry food, it can even be reused. They also feature edible straws and spoons in a myriad of flavours to accompany your favourite sweet drinks or treats. 

In addition to being made from rice waste, the products from qudrat don’t use any adhesives, laminates or linings, which means that the products are great to eat from and will break down within 30 days. Most importantly, it is completely safe for animals, in case your pets decide to nibble on the plates, tumblers or straws. From material selection to quality control, they employ sustainable, zero-waste practices to minimize their carbon footprint. They also talk about their process and ethos extensively, to create a community of like-minded people who believe in the same cause. They encourage people and hope to work together with them to promote an environment-friendly lifestyle. 

Currently only available for sale on Amazon, the brand is working towards creating more interesting products that solve a very real problem in the market. Most importantly, they are priced at affordable rates which makes its adoption a lot more possible. 

You can learn more about qudrat here.  

You can buy their products here

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