Tamil Nadu Streetwear Label BRUN's Dragon-Inspired Debut Is The Antithesis Of Monotony

Images of woman wearing BRUN dragon mesh dress. Collage of models wearing different pieces from BRUN debut collection.

I was anything but surprised when I came across a new streetwear label, but what did stand out was the lack of the all too common standardized motifs that we've come to expect from streetwear brands. Founded by three NIFT Chennai graduates, 'BRUN', a Tamil Nadu-based streetwear label seeks to stray from over-done streetwear offerings of baggy tees and puffy painted tees. What began merely as a conversation among friends in January 2024 has now been crafted into attire and is available to the public. Their debut collection offerings are essentially streetwear staples and include everything from tracksuits to tees and even a mesh dress but all are presented with a unique and original design perspective.

Sukesh Kumar, Aswanth Kumar and Meenu Jain, the trio behind the brand, were inspired by the year of its inception - the Year Of The Dragon. According to the label’s social media, the idea conceived in January 2024 among the trio eventually moved them to take the plunge and quit their corporate jobs, to pursue their shared passion for fashion. Their mission was to create something that broke away from the monotony of streetwear by valuing authenticity, following ethical production practices, and offering premium quality and comfort, all while being affordable.

The debut collection leans heavily into the symbolism of the Dragon and the transformative spirit of 2024 in which Label Brun was born. It captures the fiery and imposing essence of a Dragon in many ways. This ranges from acid-washed tees to a mesh dress with a dragon motif and lettuce hem to tricolour tracksuits to a scuba jacket with dragon-printed mesh lining and a curved zipper. The collection also includes streetwear staples like scuba skirts, jacquard vests, and hoodies.

According to their website, the trio behind BRUN combined their diverse expertise to create the label. Ashwanth's brand-building acumen, Sukesh's operational know-how, and Meenu's design sensibilities make up this newly minted-brand. Beyond the aesthetics, the pieces are crafted with a mindset of staying authentic in design and innovation. The vision of the trio is to transform the streetwear industry through their collections without pandering to the masses and instead leading the charge through keen observation of trends and extensive research. Comfortable yet stylish, the 23 pieces released in the debut collection are all silhouettes that can seamlessly fit into the existing wardrobe of anyone with an eye for fashion. 

Through its editorial campaign and social media posts, the brand has outlined its plans for the future. It aims to create exquisite attire inspired by the most vibrant cultures and the latest trends, one capsule collection at a time.

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