Delhi's Zyakuni in My Backyard Is Bringing Fluid Indie Rock Back Into The Limelight

Zyakuni in My Backyard refuses to conform to the trappings of one specific genre.
Zyakuni in My Backyard refuses to conform to the trappings of one specific genre.Zyakuni in My Backyard
our biggest hope with our music is that people enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it.
Zyakuni In My Backyard

"Makin noise and sometimes music" serves as ZIMB's sole introduction to their music. The band refuses to conform or confine themselves to any specific genre due to their six members’ diverse musical styles. What they do have in common, however, is that they all embarked on their musical journeys at a young age, with overlapping interests within genres of rock, metal, jazz, pop, and more.

Zyakuni in My Backyard refuses to conform to the trappings of one specific genre.
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Zyakuni in My Backyard's trajectory began in 2012 when Shraddha Singh and Anushka Datta were just middle schoolers. On Youtube, they amassed a small but loyal following as the duo covered various artists and songs. In that way, childhood best friends Anushka and Shraddha share a story similar to that of many new-age young musicians. What's interesting, however, is that they were already setting themselves apart from other musicians through their creative approach. Their covers and music videos utilise very creative, fast-paced editing, animation, along with fusions of music. Interestingly, they also incorporate humorous elements and even, bloopers at times.

For their latest self-titled EP, they continued this trend of creativity by releasing the dates in a fun, experimental technique. They used a funny Youtube video mimicking a news format, with the band members acting as journalists to release the date.

Not surprisingly, this trend of creativity is not limited to their Youtube videos. These occurrences showcase the many ways the band can incorporate different styles and their willingness to adopt unexplored styles and avenues that is reflected in their music. Their one-of-a-kind approach to creativity, along with the band's skill to experiment with sounds is clearly evident in their songs so far. 

whether it be through our shows or our releases, we hope our music finds a place in peoples’ lives where they find fun and comfort.
Zyakuni In My Backyard

The journey of the band coming together was a quest in itself. It all began with two childhood best friends, who were soon joined by another school friend, Noel Sakhi, on the keyboard, Aman Masih on drums, and Aradhya Khurana on bass. Finally, completing the circle, Rahul Bhandhari joined as the lead guitarist towards the end of 2022.

Having recently performed at the Gaysi Family and Tinder India’s Queer Festival, they have been vocal about what they stand for. The band is based in and known for their gigs across the New Delhi scene.

The first single from ZIMB, Parking Lot, blends pop and rock elements. The lyrics convey the desire to end a relationship where one feels a lack of belonging. Anushka Dutta and Shraddha Singh deliver vocals and harmonies, creating a bittersweet tone despite the upbeat instrumentals. The funky sounds after the chorus add a delightful twist to the song, garnering them significant attention.

Each band's music and its conceptual process differs. ZIMB'S creative process revolves around exchanging voice notes whenever inspiration strikes. It is riveting to know how each song starts as a fleeting thought, evolving as other band members contribute their ideas during recording. One noteworthy example of this spontaneous approach is the track Storm, where they venture into the synth-pop genre, resulting in an immensely satisfying outcome.

Just like their sound, the EP does not follow a particular theme. Each track flows into a stand-alone narrative. With their debut, the band aimed to encapsulate everything they love about music in this collection. While the five tracks could stand as singles on their own, the final song of the EP acts as a cohesive thread, binding them together. Thus, the EP serves as a representation of the band's diverse originalities united under one musical identity. Out of the EP, their rock ballad Missing Bridge stands as my personal favourite and is a truly binge-worthy track.

Curiously, the band's name holds no significant meaning either, unless you consider Cool to be a factor. It emerged from the usernames of the two best friends and members, @Zyakuni and @Zombieinmybackyard, and its amalgamation which stands as a symbol of the band's distinct styles fused into a single, solid unit.

we’re working on more of our original music at the present and hoping to release a few more singles this coming year.
Zyakuni In My Backyard

Their eponymous debut EP, Zyakuni in My Backyard, is available on streaming platforms. 

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