Rift Valley (L) ; Bønehead (R)
Rift Valley (L) ; Bønehead (R)

#HGMusic: Listen To New Releases From Rift Valley, Bønehead & More

Welcome to Homegrown's New Music Round-Up, the ultimate destination for discovering the week's hottest releases across all genres. Each week, we curate a handpicked and homegrown selection of fresh sounds. This week features techno, folk rock, IDM and much more.

Rangoon by Firaaq

Firaaq's new track is a transcendent blend of Bengali heritage and modern house/techno, featuring a captivating Bengali vocal sample woven into pulsating drum patterns, hypnotic synths, and a deep bass. This seamless fusion of tradition and innovation creates a unique soundscape that celebrates Bengali culture while appealing to a global electronic music audience. With its hauntingly beautiful vocal melody and intricate production intricacies, Rangoon invites listeners on a sonic journey that transcends borders, encouraging deep immersion in the universal language of rhythm and melody.

Listen to it below.

Macht Nacht by The Richer

The Richer's new EP 'Macht Nacht' is a journey into an expanding sound universe, where emotional depth meets abstract exploration. Born in 2005, The Richer passionately immerses himself in creating radiant and colorful interstellar vibrations, reflecting his spontaneity and emotions. Through this EP, he invites listeners to explore and experience the universe he tirelessly creates and navigates.

Listen to the title track of the EP below.

The Mockumentor by Rift Valley

The Untouchable, Rift Valley's new album, embodies the essence of the underground music scene, where authenticity and artistic integrity reign supreme over commercial pursuits. Rift Valley's music is a reflection of a deeper ethos, written in the shadows of societal norms and expectations. With a raw and unfiltered approach, he creates a sonic landscape that transcends trends, focusing instead on timeless themes and introspective storytelling. Through his work, Rift Valley's legacy is poised to leave a lasting impact on listeners who seek music with substance and soul.

Listen to a track from the album below.

Talk Møther by Bønehead

The new album, Guilty Conscience by Bone.FM is a daring exploration of human complexities and moral dilemmas, encapsulated in experimental club music. As a community-driven independent record label, Bone.FM, led by New Delhi-based Producer & DJ Bønehead, blends live and electronic music elements into immersive atmospheres and transcending soundscapes.

Each track in the album narrates a unique story, delving into themes of guilt, redemption, self-reflection, and rebellion. The relentless energy of pounding basslines, sharp synths, and gritty soundscapes creates a dark, dystopian atmosphere that keeps listeners engaged with explosive drops and unexpected twists, making it a captivating journey through introspection and rebellion.

Listen to a track from the album below.

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