#HGMusic: Start Your Week With New Releases From Lost Stories, Jai Dhir, & More

The Homegrown New Music Round-Up
The Homegrown New Music Round-UpL: Bandcamp R:Grizzlies

Welcome to Homegrown's New Music Round-Up, the ultimate destination for discovering the week's hottest releases across all genres. Each week, we curate a handpicked and homegrown selection of fresh sounds. This week features liquid DnB, psytech, and more.

Leja (DnB Remix) by Lost Stories & Jai Dhir

Prominent Indian DJ/producer duo, Lost Stories release an explosive new DnB version of their hit song Leja. Performed by Punjabi singer, Jai Dhir, the soulful version of the track which comprised Lost Stories’ signature flute sound blended with folk elements, has undergone a drum and bass flip with the atmospheric textures and rolling beats of liquid DnB. The song is from a woman’s perspective who is living in the hope of finding her partner. It portrays a love that is deeply desired but not received back.

Listen to it below.

Baarishein by Anuv Jain

Singer-songwriter Anuv Jain releases an acoustic version of his 2016 song, Baarishein. Securing over 200 million streams, the song placed the artist on the path to success. The song became a solace for listeners in almost all moments of their life — be it when they are in love, going through a heartbreak or even in solitude. Its heartfelt lyrics combined with Anuv Jain’s soothing vocals, struck a chord with fans, establishing him as one of the most beloved artists in the Indian Indie music scene. The acoustic rendition weaves the familiar story of love and comfort set against a mellow ambience like a warm blanket against a window on a rainy day.

Listen to it below.

The Homegrown New Music Round-Up
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Pampered Boots by Grizzlies

Produced by the award-winning drummer & producer Gautam Deb, Pampered Boots is the debut single of a new hip-hop brother duo, Gaurav and Saurav Gharu who go by Grizzlies. Born in Shimla and brought up in Jalandhar, Punjab, the brothers have been fans of hip-hop since their childhoods. During the lockdown, they started writing verses and experimenting with instrumentals from old songs. Finally, after meeting up with Gautam and Shikhar Manchanda from Beast India Company, the duo cooked up and released their first track with more on the way.

Listen to it below.

Oxacan by Uddhav

Co-founder of Subtrail, the Indian record label that promotes minimal, psychedelic techno, Uddhav releases his debut EP on the label with three original tracks and a remix by Folic State. Combining different influences and entwining the essence of techno with ethereal characteristics, each track of the EP encompasses intricate sound patterns, celestial melodies, and captivating textures creating powerful, immersive soundscapes for the dance floor.

Listen to one of the tracks from the EP below.

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