This Week In Culture: A Paper Sneaker Making Workshop, Infused Condiments, & More

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This Week In CultureL: Nike R: Saksham Verma


Saeedah Haque

Nike by You x Saeedah Haque

Nike has partnered with British Bengali designer Saeedah Haque for a groundbreaking collection merging traditional modest wear and contemporary streetwear. The Nike by You x Saeedah Haque collection introduces the first Niqab by Nike, reimagining the abaya with a contemporary style. Saeedah's fusion of traditional and modern fashion emerged from her struggle to find fitting abayas. The collection's standout piece, the Nike by You Pro Niqab, crafted from DriFit jerseys, represents cultural unity. This collaboration challenges norms by featuring a self-taught Muslim designer as a Nike partner, advocating inclusivity and representation.

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Paper Sneaker Making

The convergence of hip-hop and sneakers has given rise to a bond centred on self-expression and cultural significance. Just as hip-hop artists express stories through lyrics, sneakers extend this expression visually, making them iconic symbols of identities through footwear. Explore the craft of designing paper sneakers in a workshop led by graphic designer Saksham Verma. This workshop merges sneaker culture with creativity, teaching paper construction and braiding techniques. Engage yourself in the culture that shaped hip-hop's legacy during its 50-year celebration. 

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Akela by Ankur Tewari

Akela captures the profound feeling of solitude that often accompanies loss. Departing from his usual acoustic style, the title track delves into an eerie and atmospheric sonic realm, revealing a new facet of Ankur's artistic depth.The album portrays a range of emotions encompassing love, loss, and aspirations. Arising from the seclusion brought on by the pandemic, the album assumes an exploratory nature, centering on relationships and the deep encounter with solitude. Ankur's creative journey is openly displayed in this musical creation, serving as a reflective portrayal of his feelings during that time.

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The Alipore Post and Nivaala

'Memories on a Plate' by The Alipore Post and Nivaala

'Memories on a Plate' is an anthology that beautifully encapsulates the essence of loved culinary experiences. Crafted collaboratively by Nivaala and The Alipore Post, It gathers authentic stories from individuals who have inherited not only recipes and techniques but also the emotional resonance of time-tested traditions. Each dish appears to carry echoes of family, laughter, and the comfort of home. This anthology serves as an illustrated celebration of food, memory, and home.

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Premium Butter & Mustard by Staples

Staples, a new culinary brand led by Calvin Titus, is revolutionizing dining experiences with their artisanal condiments. They offer a range of premium butters and mustards crafted with regional ingredients, infusing innovation and quality into every bite. Staples' infused butters combine butter's velvety richness with flavors like Goan Chorizo and Crispy Chilli & Fried Onion. Their Classic Yellow Mustard, Honey Mustard, and Coarse Ground Mustard bring robust punch and depth to dishes. With plans for more captivating products, Staples invites you on a gastronomic journey that redefines condiments and elevates kitchen creations.

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