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Rosemary By Sunflower Tape Machine

Sunflower Tape Machine, the musical alter ego of Chennai-based independent musician Aryaman Singh, returns with his latest track, Rosemary. Drawing on his love for gear and the ethereal allure of tape echo, the song weaves a vibrant aesthetic and dreamy soundscape that transports listeners to a unique sonic realm, where cherished memories seamlessly mesh with the present moment. In this evocative Indie-Folk track, Sunflower Tape Machine delves into the realm of young love from the listener's perspective, crafting both melodies and lyrics that explore universal themes.

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Dil Mera By OAFF

Kabeer Kathpalia, also known as OAFF, is a music producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist known for works like Gehraiyaan, Inside Edge, and more. Moreover, He has received three award nominations. His music blends atmospheric electronica with accessible pop, incorporating fusion, indie, and experimental elements, along with electronic beats, funk, and rap influences in his latest track.

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Sameer & Zeenat Kulavoor

Everyday India by Sameer & Zeenat Kulavoor

Curated by Bombay Duck Designs, Everyday India is an art exhibition exploring India's graphic design heritage. The showcase features printed and painted graphic design samples used for homegrown products and services. From signage to logos, the exhibition celebrates the unique language of design that resonates with all Indians across eras. The exhibit is on display from the 16th July to the 13th of August 2023 at Gallery 47 A, Khotachi Wadi, Girgaum, Mumbai.

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Circle of Love Music Festival

The Circle of Love Festival is back with its highly anticipated second edition. This music and arts festival will take place on a spacious lawn along Chennai's coast. The festival delivers a diverse lineup, showcasing India's finest independent artists spanning various genres like F16s, Easy Wanderlings, and more. People can look forward to dance performances, immersive art displays, and engaging workshops. Embracing themes of diversity, acceptance, unity, and love, the Circle of Love Festival aims to be Chennai's most inclusive music and arts event.

Read here for more information.

Food & Drinks

Brand New Art Restaurant

Circle Sixty Nine is a quaint oasis located in Worli, known for its blend of art and food options. This establishment provides a balanced experience, with equal emphasis on art and culinary delights. Visitors will be met with a unique and charming destination that celebrates the coexistence of art and gastronomy.

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Writing Retreat by Karuna Parikh

Many are ecstatic to experience the peaceful air of Goa's natural beauty during a writing retreat led by esteemed Indian author and poet, Karuna Parikh, this September. From workshops, writing sessions, and interactive discussions that will elevate writing skills and creativity. The environment will be filled with like-minded writers who will experience an enriching literary experience.

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Product Drop

New Diwiks Speakers

Diwiks Homegrown Speakers smoothly merge classic 20th-century aesthetics with modern innovation. These speakers provide a unique combination of vintage design and advanced technology, delivering high-quality sound. These speakers offer an experience with the perfect blend of timeless charm and contemporary functionality.

You can read more about this release here.

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