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This Week In Culture: Coromandel’s Boat Builders, Masala Chai Gin, & Much More

This Sunday is Father's Day. Have ya'll thought of a gift for your dads yet? You better. Those videos of 'most men getting their first flowers at the funeral' has be sobbing every time on my Instagram scrolls. When we complain about the lack of femininity in men, sometimes we're to blame too. Society hasn't exactly allowed a space for men to be soft. When we put them in box to be the provider for our families we stripped them of the opportunity to be vulnerable. You could argue that soft masculinity is making a comeback with the younger generation but don't forget the older ones in the process. Someone needs to go tell the dads that we don't care about the gender roles their parents instilled in them; that they can put it down now and breathe.

I think the first time my father received a greeting card was in his 40s when I gave it to him on his birthday. I just found 15 yeard old greeting cards in his box of things while cleaning our place. Who's cutting onions right now? It's been 3 years since he's gone and the grief is finally starting to become a little palatable for me; transforming into an appreciation he had for things that I now share. Renovating the house that he built and actualizing the plans that we had together to create a home is how I feel close to him these days. So even if I don't have a father this father's day, it's not that bad. I have his aspirations and admirations - a reading nook by the window; a kitchen garden; a play area for the cats.

Stories are the way we carry people with us; how we propel our cultural identity and heritage forward. We weave our stories into the art that we create like a thread that can take us back to cultures, traditions, times and values of those that existed before us. Here at Homegrown, we believe that stories matter and that they're a window into the heart of our nation. Every issue of our culture bulletin brings you the latest stories from artists, designers, filmmakers, and creators who are shaping the future of India's cultural landscape. Here's what caught our eye this week:


'Paradise' takes a dark turn when a couple's trip coincides with a crisis, plunging them headfirst into societal and internal challenges.
'Paradise' takes a dark turn when a couple's trip coincides with a crisis, plunging them headfirst into societal and internal challenges. Newton Cinema & Madras Talkies

'Paradise' By Prasanna Vinthage

This award-winning movie takes a couple's romantic getaway to Sri Lanka and throws in a twist (along with some stunning visuals). It takes us on a thought-provoking exploration of relationships, social issues, and the beauty (and complexity) of Sri Lanka. Plus, the film boasts a talented cast and crew, including rising stars Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran. Paradise hits theaters worldwide on June 28.

Check it out here.



'Terror' By Reble

Listen to Reble's new single, Terror - A Journey Through the Intellect. Blending English, Jaintia, and Khasi lyrics with electronic beats and traditional rhythms, Reble takes you on a wild ride through her heritage; celebrating the strength of her ancestors while acknowledging the realities of history. Additionally, the music video is a stunning landscape of quinessential hip-hop swagger that also acts as a celebration of unity and cultural exploration.

Check it out here.


Ugly Cupid

Ugly Cupid By Tania Laffaru

Obsessed with cyber sigilism tattoos but want to take the look beyond ink? Check out Ugly Cupid! This Delhi-based jewellery brand creates handcrafted pieces that blend the futuristic motifs of cyber sigilism with the softness of pearls and gemstones; embracing the duality of existence. Inspired by everything from folklore to sci-fi, Ugly Cupid's gender-inclusive jewelry is a celebration of modern mysticism, perfect for anyone who loves a touch of the fantastical.

Check it out here.


Jin JiJi

Jin Jiji India Dry Gin - Darjeeling

If you're looking for a unique gin experience that captures the essence of India, look no further than Jin JiJi. This award-winning spirit, launched in 2019, uses botanicals like holy basil and wild Himalayan juniper to create a truly special gin. Their India Dry Gin is a fusion of flavours - with juniper, spice, and citrus notes. But if you're feeling craving some desi-ness, try their Darjeeling Gin - it's like masala chai in a bottle, with Darjeeling tea, ginger, and more.

Check it out here.

Arubaito Ranchi
Arubaito RanchiThe Conservatory

Arubaito Ranchi - Workers Lunch

On June 16, The Conservatory in Bengaluru is hosting a unique lunch called 'Arubaito Ranchi' celebrating the surprising common ground between German and Japanese working-class food cultures. Think hearty, flavourful dishes that make the most of simple ingredients – smoked salmon sashimi with German white radish paste and pork dumplings in a mackerel bone dashi. This innovative menu aims to celebrate resourcefulness and the beauty of global culinary connections.

Check it out here.


Boat Builders Of The Coromandel
Boat Builders Of The CoromandelTara Books

Boat Builders Of The Coromandel

Tara Books' latest release dives deep into the world of Tamil Nadu's fisherfolk, who build massive wooden cargo boats using nothing but their skills and generations of knowledge. These incredible boats are built with a healthy dose of improvisation alongside traditional techniques. The stunning photographs in the book bring you right into the boatyard and it even features interviews with the builders themselves. Celebrating human ingenuity, maritime history, and the beauty of perfect functionality, this is a must-read.

Check it out here.