This Week in Culture: Indigenous Fabric Meets Hendrix, Seedhe Maut Meets KSHMR, & More

This Week in Culture
This Week in CultureL: Charaswati, R: Stir World


KSHMR's Second Single With Seedhe Maut

No doubt at all, Karam is the concept album by KSHMR that has been the most awaited in the scene of Indian hip-hop. Titled 'Bhussi', the high octane rap record drops some slick verse by Calm and Encore ABJ — the men who brought the house down at Delhi stadium last month — featuring the ferocious hip-hop duo Seedhe Maut, and Gully Gang's no holds barred producer Karan Kanchan. The phrase “Bhussi Bhar Di”, which roughly translates to the jam-packed mosh pits at Seedhe Maut’s concerts, is a statement on how influential the rap group has become recently.

A Lyric Video For Pranav Bhasin's 'Dude Subdued'

Pranav Bhasin, a breakthrough young filmmaker hailing from Delhi, has synergised a new single, Dude Subdued with musician Rohini Maiti. Pranav has been lauded for his counterculture style in directing and producing short films, lately switching gears to music videos. With this latest collaboration, Pranav Bhasin and Rohini Maiti unpack a dreamy yet angst-filled track. So far, only the lyric video has made it out, building anticipation for the visual treatment to be released soon.

This Week in Culture
Pranav Bhasin's SXSW Nominated Music Video Is A Satirical Tale Of Hyper-Consumption


The Jimikkalam Collection By Erode

A homegrown label, ‘Erode Clothing', is making bold strides with their preservation of indigenous fabric, Jamakkalam. Sourcing local weavers from Erode region of Tamil Nadu, who are faced with the impending extinction of their craftsmanship, this independent brand infuses proud handwoven jamakkalam history with psychedelic fashion in the spirit of Jimi Hendrix circa 1960s.

This Week in Culture
Hendrix Handlooms: How Erode Clothing Is Preserving Tamil Nadu's Jamakkalam Craft


A Film Screening By Harkat

This Saturday, you'd not want to miss a screening of two films at Harkat Studios along the theme of cinema breaking borders. Viral, a short fiction film directed by Shreyas Dasharathe and Jamshed Irani along with the documentary Small-Time Cinema, directed by Priya Naresh are both cross-cultural collaborations that explore the complex history and cultures underpinning the Indian or Pakistani identity. Both films will be screened from 7:30 pm onwards at Harkat Studios in Versova, Mumbai. Get your tickets for the screenings here.

This Week in Culture
Attend A Mumbai Double Feature Exploring The Ties That Bind India & Pakistan

A Healing Sip & Paint Event At Greenr

Humanhood, a wellness brand that focuses on productivity and self help products like journals and planners, is hosting a sip and paint event on July 7 in a therapeutic evening of journaling, snacks and introspection. Paint materials will be provided at the venue, Greenr Cafe in Bandra and the event begins at 6 p.m. Sounds like a great opportunity to mingle with other likeminded souls interested in self growth and elevating their awareness.

This Week in Culture
Planners, Journals, & More: Homegrown Brands Creating The Perfect Personal Archives


A Cheeky Rolling Paper Kit By Charaswati

Legalise Kasoori Methi, the spanking new product by Tarini Dixit’s Charaswati, is a rolling paper kit featuring 50 purple rolling papers and printed roach tips in the most satisfying purple hues, embodying the infamous Hindu Kush strain. If you are a bud connoisseur, you will equip yourself well in advance because nothing's worse than not being able to find a rolling paper when you need it the most. Click here to order your handy herb kit now.

This Week in Culture
Charaswati's Latest Product Drop Is A Purple-Hued Hindu Kush-Inspired Rolling Kit


Giddh is the story of an elderly man grappling with the loss of his son and the hardships of poverty.
Giddh is the story of an elderly man grappling with the loss of his son and the hardships of poverty.Giddh

An Oscar Worthy Short Film — Giddh

With a runtime of 24 minutes, Giddh is a social commentary on the moral dilemma faced by countless people in India who struggle for basic survival. A harrowing tale about a man who sells discarded clothes stolen from cremation grounds to make ends meet, this short film directed by Manish Saini and produced by Ellanar Films and Amdavad Films, won the Asia International Competition at the renowned Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2023 making it fair game to compete for the Oscars.

This Week in Culture
Short Film ‘Giddh’ Is A Gripping Depiction Of The Privilege Of Morality


'Belly of the Strange' at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Delhi
'Belly of the Strange' at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, DelhiStir World

An Otherworldly Art Installation At Kiran Nadar Museum

Experience an interactive installation that manifests the intimate comforts of urban spaces in our built environment. Titled Belly of the Strange, by popular Mumbai urbanists Rupali Gupte and Prasad Shetty, this colossal cubbyhole is like the belly of a creature you can crawl into. You are encouraged to spend some time inside, read and reflect upon the unlimited possibilities that architecture holds for human activities. You can catch this exhibition at the famous Kiran Nadar Museum of Art in Delhi.

This Week in Culture
Delhi, Rediscover Your Inner Child In 'The Belly Of The Strange'


Chennai Warms Up To A New Cafe — 'Bask by Coffee?'

'Bask by Coffee' takes an imperious, converted bungalow and lends it a soothing blend of extravagance and coziness with community dining tables shaded by trees in an outdoor courtyard. This newly launched cafe is spread out over more than 5,000 feet and is known for its comfort food spanning Indian, Chinese and continental fare accompanied by freshly brewed pourover espressos. The intention is to create a community space where regulars and first-time visitors alike can lounge, network and bask in the exclusiveness of a daytime hideout.

Indulge In Some Artisanal Pasta by Dèa

A Luxe Pasta boutique, Dèa is an artisanal brand that rolls out high quality flour into incredibly varicoloured pasta. This gourmet label offers a spectrum of unique collections for their clients — from Barbie themed lilac and pink cappelletti to winged barchette pasta in hues of blues, yellow and green — their dedication to customising and innovation is what makes them unmatched in this domain. Vegan, organic and ideal for gifting, Dèa brags that no two boxes of their pasta are alike.

This Week in Culture
Homegrown Artisinal Pasta Brands On Our Radar

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