This Week In Culture: Rastah's Anti-Colonial Collection, Art Hoe Tote Bags, & More

This Week In Culture
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This Week In Culture
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Indie Films 2023

Homegrown has curated a list of 5 indie films of 2023 that took on the role of torchbearer for authentic storytelling in India's film landscape, despite the formidable dominance of mainstream Bollywood. Their curated selection of five indie films stood as a testament to the power of genuine narratives, defying the odds. These films not only upheld the spirit of independent filmmaking but also championed the cause of storytelling that resonated with depth and authenticity.

Check them out here.


This Week In Culture
This Week In Culture Rastah

Reclaiming Raj By Rastah

Rastah, the premier South Asian artisanal urban wear brand, blends South Asian heritage with Western styles and contemporary art. Their latest collection, VOLUME 10 - Reclaiming Raj, critiques the subcontinent's relationship with the British Raj. This marks their five-year anniversary and emphasizes their commitment to meaningful dialogue through fashion. Importantly, each piece is sourced and crafted in Pakistan, affirming their regional roots.

Read about it here.

This Week In Culture
This Week In Culture Biskit

Space Odyssey By Biskit

Biskit, the Berlin and Chennai-based unisex brand renowned for its fusion of futuristic aesthetics and minimalism, has introduced its latest collection, 'Space Odyssey.' Inspired by India's space achievements, including ISRO's PSLV-C37 and Chandrayaan 3 missions, this capsule collection features four original artworks from their SPACED OUT concept, celebrating ISRO's space exploration milestones and Biskit's distinctive art-meets-design approach.

Read about it here.


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This Week In Culture Anant Art Gallery

Ice Cream Melting At The Bouncy Castle By Anikesa Dhing

Anikesa's latest exhibition is a vibrant exploration of memory and nostalgia, where everyday objects take centre stage. Her playful artworks encourage viewers to reflect on their own memories while connecting with the artist's experiences. The exhibition delves into the emotional weight we attach to these seemingly ordinary items, reminding us of the people and moments they represent, all the while emphasizing the fleeting nature of time.

Read about it here.


This Week In Culture
This Week In Culture L: Pacifist R: Zeux

New Music Releases

Homegrown's Weekly Music Round-Up is your go-to destination for discovering the latest and greatest releases from diverse genres. In this week's lineup, we have an eclectic mix of bass music, rock, and more, by Zeux, Shaq-T & Dasa, Pacifist, and Joshua D. Fernandez.


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Goa Surf Festival

Get ready for the Goa Surf Festival 2023, a thrilling three-day celebration of outdoor sports like surfing and skateboarding. Hosted by the Goa Surfing Association, this event will gather athletes and judges from across India, featuring over 100 participants competing in various categories. Experience the excitement as surfers, paddleboarders, and skateboarders showcase their skills in the beautiful backdrop of Goa's beaches and ramps.

Read about it here.


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This Week In Culture The Misnomer, The Burlap People

4 Homegrown Tote Bag Brands

Tote bags have transcended their utilitarian origins to become a fashion statement and aesthetic, particularly among the style-conscious Gen Z. Their versatility, eco-friendliness, and customizability have made them a popular choice for carrying not just belongings, but also personal expressions. Homegrown spotlights four noteworthy brands that have captured our attention for their unique designs, sustainability, and contribution to the evolving fashion landscape.

Check them out here.

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