This Week In Culture: The Homegrown Festival, ‘Superboy’, & More

This Week In Culture
This Week In Culture L: Homegrown R: Pranav Bhasin

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The Homegrown Festival
The Homegrown FestivalHomegrown

The Homegrown Festival

Homegrown, a cultural leader for over a decade, presents the first-of-its-kind Homegrown Festival on March 30-31 at Bay View Lawns, Mumbai. This culture and lifestyle event will feature the HG Summit with conversations, panels, fireside chats, and keynote speakers. HG Creators showcase art, design, film, music, photography, and tech through exhibitions, screenings, and performances. HG Supply offers D2C homegrown brands and exclusive drops. HG Street includes an urban sports arena and street culture showcases. HG Academy provides creative workshops and masterclasses. Explore immersive brand experiences and exclusive F&B at HG Explore. The festival aims to embody the audacious spirit of homegrown brands, creators, and professionals.

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SuperboyPranav Bhasin

'Superboy' by Pranav Bhasin

Pranav Bhasin's new track is a poignant narrative capturing the essence of childhood and the journey to adulthood in the bustling city of Bombay. The multi-talented artist explores the nuances of childhood dreams, struggles, and the quest for identity through relatable lyrics and music, taking listeners on a nostalgic journey through Bombay's streets. Superboy reflects on childhood experiences and challenges, illustrating a young boy's resilience and self-discovery amid the complexities of Bombay life.

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The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers Tougheggs

'The Three Musketeers' by Tillottam Pawar

'The Three Musketeers' by Tougheggs Studios, directed by Tillottam Pawar, is a thought-provoking short film in the realm of experimental cinema. Inspired by the iconic trio motif, it explores modern themes of friendship, competition, and unrequited love. With influences from Wes Anderson and Satyajit Ray, the film features vibrant visuals, meticulous framing, and a captivating soundtrack by Hemant Phulpagar. Aniket Kadam, Rounak Borage, and Sanket Jadhav deliver nuanced performances, portraying the dynamics of friendship amidst romantic competition. The film's concise storytelling and visually arresting presentation create a captivating cinematic experience.

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Raghu Rai: A Thousand Lives (Photographs from 1965-2005)
Raghu Rai: A Thousand Lives (Photographs from 1965-2005)Raghu Rai

Raghu Rai: A Thousand Lives (Photographs from 1965-2005)

Curated by Roobina Karode and Devika Daulet-Singh, Ragu Rai's latest exhibition unveils a collection showcasing the early analogue/film photography period of Raghu Rai's illustrious career. Featuring previously unseen photographs, the exhibition emphasizes Rai's black-and-white work, capturing political and spiritual leaders, reflecting on his evolution as a photojournalist. The display unveils an enigmatic aspect of Rai's talent, presenting a diverse perspective on India and its people. Over six decades, Rai's lens delves into the intricate tapestry of India's streets, markets, and everyday life, offering a compelling visual narrative of the country's dynamic evolution.

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The Homegrown Valentine's Day Gifting Guide
The Homegrown Valentine's Day Gifting GuideL: Leezus R: Sangya Project

Homegrown's Sexual Wellness Gifting Guide

This Valentine's Day, Homegrown presents a unique guide tailored for those navigating singledom with pride. Amidst the inundation of couple-centric advertisements, we recognize the importance of self-love, especially in a season focused on partnerships. For those choosing solo celebrations, embracing situationships, or reveling in a healing phase, we bring you a curated list of gift boxes and treats. Say goodbye to the Valentine's Day pressure and indulge in self-care with these empowering choices that celebrate the joy of loving oneself.

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