A Homegrown Guide To Chandigarh’s Most Iconic Street Food Spots

A Homegrown Guide To Chandigarh’s Most Iconic Street Food Spots

If you are set to explore Chandigarh, the ‘city beautiful’ then indulging in the vibrant culinary scene is a must. The multicultural city is home to people from many parts of the country and houses some of the most special delicacies. Beyond the glamorous appeal of some high end restaurants the city also serves affordable street food that is accessible to all. These decade old spots are ideal to get the real taste of Punjabi street food, here are a few local corners on our radar.

Garg Chaat

One of the most iconic spots of the city, Garg Chaat has been serving lip smacking street food since the 1960’s. Their loyal army of customers gravitate to their spicy Gol Gappa and the famous Tikki Chaat. Located in Sector 23, the local stall is known for their impeccable service and a wide ranging menu. There is usually a long queue for waiting so plan your day accordingly. 

Bholle Di Hatti

Rajma Chawal is easily one of the most savoured dishes in India and this street food style has made an affordable small sized version for everyone to enjoy. The home made recipe by Bholle Di Hatti is infused with spicy chaat masala that makes for the perfect snack. In addition to this famous dish they also have a number of other delicacies that tickle the foodie in you. 

Amritsari Kulcha Hub

A street food spot that tops the recommendation list of every local is the Amritsari Kulcha Hub. Located in Sector 9, the iconic spot has expanded the menu by experimenting with the famous dish. You can find a number of unique options such as Aloo Kulcha, Mushroom Kulcha, Paneer Kulcha, Onion Kulcha and Gobhi Kulcha. The bread is glazed in ghee and served with simmering cholle. You can even order a tall glass of lassi to make the perfect Punjabi meal. 

Pal Dhaba

Another iconic street food spot famous for its meat curry and mutton Rogan Josh, Pal’s Dhabba is the ideal place for anyone who is looking for rich flavours and a vibrant food palette. The classic dhaba was established in the year 1968 and serves traditional meals that drip in extra butter. You can also try out their smaller appetisers that hold onto the same magic of Punjabi food but are more affordable than most places. 

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