A Homegrown Guide To The Best Fish Thalis In Alibaug

Alibaug's cuisine is an exploration of authenticity and gastronomic delight.
Alibaug's cuisine is an exploration of authenticity and gastronomic delight.Trip Advisor

Nestled along the picturesque shores of the Arabian Sea, Alibaug beckons not only with its sun-kissed beaches and historic landmarks but also with a culinary journey that mirrors the vibrant tapestry of Maharashtra's traditional flavors. This coastal town, a beloved weekend getaway for food enthusiasts, boasts a food culture as diverse as its landscapes. From the heart of Maharashtrian culinary heritage to the brimming bounty of the sea, Alibaug's cuisine is an exploration of authenticity and gastronomic delight. In this article, we delve into the culinary treasures of Alibaug, with a particular focus on the best fish thalis that grace the tables of its charming restaurants and street food stalls. Prepare to embark on a flavorful adventure, where each bite tells a tale of coastal charm and culinary excellence.

Fish Thali at Patil Khanaval
Fish Thali at Patil KhanavalTrip Advisor

Patil Khanaval

Patil Khanaval in Murud has earned its reputation as the go-to destination for seafood enthusiasts, renowned for serving the finest fish thali in the area. Specializing in home-cooked delicacies, this local eatery offers a delectable array of thalis, including Veg, Chicken, Surmai, Pomfret, and Solkadi options. Beyond seafood, the menu spans diverse Indian cuisines, featuring Malwani, North Indian, and Maharashtrian delights. A standout is their seafood thali, a delightful fusion of Malwani and Konkani flavors, served piping hot alongside in-house bhakris – a true treat for the taste buds.

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Fish Thali at Sanman Restaurant
Fish Thali at Sanman RestaurantTrip Advisor

Sanman Restaurant

Sanman Restaurant in Alibaug is a coastal gem, founded in 1981 and cherished by locals and tourists alike. Overlooking the scenic coast, this eatery is renowned for its delectable Konkani-style seafood, prepared with the cherished recipes of the founding family. The Fish Thali, featuring Basa, Surmai, and Pomfret, is a standout on their menu. Comprising a generous serving of fried fish, a tantalizing fish curry, rice bhakri, and steamed rice with dried prawn subji, the thali is a symphony of flavors. The delicate Gomantak masalas, crafted by the family, add an authentic touch to every bite. For an extra culinary adventure, don't miss the popular sides like Prawn Masala or Shellfish, perfect companions to the already delightful thali.

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Fish Thali at Guruprasad Restaurant
Fish Thali at Guruprasad RestaurantTrip Advisor

Guruprasad Restaurant

Guruprasad restaurant in Alibaug, though unassuming and budget-friendly, stands out for its authentic Konkani cuisine. The Pomfret fish thali, a highlight on their menu, includes a delightful spread featuring fish fry, curry, sukka, sol kadi, two rotis, and rice. For those opting for the Surmai and Pomfret thali with dal kichadi, the limited thali is reasonably priced and comes with a choice of roti or rice bhakri, along with fried Pomfret and tangy curry served on a Pomfret plate, and Surmai with fried pieces and curry. Despite its modest size, Guruprasad is a culinary gem, particularly praised for its fish fry and thalis. The bombil fry is noted as a delightful addition to the experience, making it a must-try spot for those seeking perfectly spiced and impeccably tasting Konkani fare.

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Pomfret Thali at Shalimar Restaurant
Pomfret Thali at Shalimar RestaurantGoogle Photos

Shalimar Restaurant

The small and cozy Shalimar restaurant holds a special place among both locals and tourists. This casual and long-standing eatery has gained popularity for its delectable seafood, chicken dishes, and classic fish thali. Situated near the auto-rickshaw sharing point, it offers a bit of a retreat from the Alibaug depot and beach. Apart from the seafood, the place is also renowned for its Mughlai delicacies. You can get the Tandoori Pomfret, Surmai Tawa fry, and Prawn Masala with bhakri along with the classic Pomfret thali. Shalimar is a go-to spot for those seeking a taste of authentic and satisfying meals in a charming, intimate setting.

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Fish Thali at Patang Family Restaurant
Fish Thali at Patang Family RestaurantGoogle Photos

Patang Family Restaurant

Located on the Alibaug Revdanda road, Hotel Patang stands out for its delectable fish thali experience. While the thalis may be priced slightly higher than other popular spots, the quality is well worth the indulgence. Highly recommended are the Surmai Thali and the Fish Thali, each adorned with a delightful serving of bombil fry and one seasonal vegetable sabji/ bhaji. For a complete culinary journey, patrons are encouraged to pair the thali with exceptional side dishes like Prawns Tawa Fry, Bombil Fry, and Pomfret Tandoori. Hotel Patang emerges as a must-visit for those seeking a premium and flavorful fish thali on the Alibaug dining scene.

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