A Roundup Of New Music Releases From Homegrown Producers In October

A Roundup Of New Music Releases From Homegrown Producers In October

As we draw the curtains on October 2021 and the festivities that followed, we cannot help but look back at the artists, creatives and innovators that contributed to making the month what it was.

From fascinating new sounds to exciting collaborations making headway into November, here are Homegrown’s top picks for new music releases that created a ripple in the Indian music community in the last month.

I. Loser Lover Leela by Khalnaik

21-year old Yash Naik a.k.a Khalnaik is the writer & producer behind The Loser Lover mixtape that hit floors in early October. Shuttling between spirituality, mysticism and poeticism, Naik has brought together elements of Indian mythology, storytelling and poetry in his latest album which is fresh and cutting edge. The 6 track album and podcast was released via All Star Sauce records on the 15th of October this year.

Ahead of the album’s release in early October, Khalnaik launched a one-of-a-kind pre-launch audio experience in the form of a podcast that derived its inspiration from the Indian epic, Ramleela. The podcast focuses on the artist’s process and transformations over time launched as a three-act series.

You can stream The Loser Lover mixtape here.

II. Multicolored Dreams (David Marston Remix) by Merak

Goa-based electronic music duo, Brandon & Belinda Mendes collaborate with Jamaican producer David Marston in this new release. The track which is released under the label Boxout.fm Recordings is imaginative, fresh & soulful.

The original lo-fi track was given a summery Jamaican twist by the multifaceted International DJ making it a sound that plays out like a laid-back and engaging story.

Official visualiser for Multicolored dreams (David Marston Remix) by Merak

III. High & Getting Old by Peachblok

Bangalore-based DJ & producer Peachblok debuts his voice on his record for the very first time through this lo-fi single. ‘High & getting old’ is a part of a longer album named Iris that the multi-instrumentalist hopes to release early next year. The track also features rapper Smokey The Ghost whose verses induces a versatile flavour.

You can stream High & Getting Old here.

IV. Kitanu EP

Kitanu is a five-piece homegrown band that imbibes elements of Indian folk music into its personal style. Formed in 2017, the band released its self-titled EP in early October. The album features a power-packed, upbeat rock that is cutting-edge and innovative all at once.

The band is also seen experimenting and exploring on how Indian rock can be reimagined through traditional sounds.

Stream Vacation by Kitanu

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