An Urban Art Festival In Mumbai Will Examine The City As A Living, Breathing Organism

An Urban Art Festival In Mumbai Will Examine The City As A Living, Breathing Organism
Mumbai Urban Art Festival

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Mumbai Port Authority, St+art India Foundation and Asian Paints come together to launch a city scale endeavour which will include landmark murals, experiential exhibitions, immersive installations and public programming across key venues; giving Sassoon Docks an aesthetic overhaul and highlighting the city’s bond with the sea, its diverse communities, and its multitude of hyper-local stories. 

For the next three months, the Mumbai Urban Art Festival (MUAF) and its fleet of globally and locally renowned artists will continue to engage with the city through a long-standing effort of contributing to the contemporary public art heritage, in an attempt to offer opportunities of rediscovering lesser-known paths and forgotten narratives. From marginalised neighbourhoods to heritage locations, the aim of MUAF is to look at the city as an interconnected organism where inclusivity through creativity becomes a foundation for action in the public realm.

“Asian Paints and St+Art India Foundation have been driving this collective vision of democratising art for almost a decade now. We are truly proud of the 6 art districts and over 400+ murals that have been meaningfully created. This year, we are excited to bring to you our most formidable project. We have the biggest intervention with Mumbai Urban Art Festival which is going to accentuate the city’s art and culture via murals, art installations, experiential exhibitions and the Asian Paints Art House at Sassoon. I can assure you; MUAF is going to be grand, something Mumbai has never seen before.”

Mr. Amit Syngle, Managing Director & CEO, Asian Paints Ltd.

The curators explain how the first edition of the festival will traverse the idea of 'a city in flux', where the city, like water, is porous, regenerating, and fluid; a city of contrasts and coexistence where there is always room for imagination, beauty, darkness and most of all – complexities. A maximum city, which continues to embody versatility and mobility in its character of being a port city, where every inch of space and engagement is often seemingly transactional. 

In a pursuit to make the event sustainable, special attention will be given to accessibility and community based projects. While reflecting and utilising materials which are sustainable or recyclable in the process of working along both, the local and creative communities. Encouraging the public to engage and experience the art, and thanks to the work of over 60 local and international artists, MUAF has brought together together a wide range of audiences in unexpected locations across the city.

You can find more information regarding the festival here