Film Competition Nagari 2023 Interweaves Stories of Cities and Waste Through 9 Shorts

Film Competition Nagari 2023 Interweaves Stories of Cities and Waste Through 9 Shorts

NAGARI 2023 serves as a lens through which the complexities of the country's infrastructural systems, burgeoning population, and evolving consumption habits are scrutinised, particularly in the context of the pressing issue of waste management.

With a specific focus on 'Reclaiming the Urban Commons', the upcoming Nagari 2023 competition centres its narrative around waste - its creation, handling, disposal, treatment, and the intimate stories of individuals impacted by this mounting challenge. Through the art of filmmaking, Nagari aims not only to highlight the gravity of the issue but also to explore innovative strategies and viable solutions intricately linked to this overarching theme.

As an annual event dedicated to illuminating urban issues, especially within Indian cities, Nagari serves as a bioscope offering a comprehensive view of diverse urban landscapes. It provides a platform for collaboration and shared insights among participants from various disciplines, including filmmakers, architects, planners, and social scientists. This collaborative effort is guided by mentors, fostering a unique exercise that encourages engagement, exploration, and understanding of urban realities.

These films collectively provide a nuanced exploration of waste management, urban landscapes, and societal impact, inviting introspection and action toward reclaiming India's urban commons.

Fused City

Delves into discarded technology's intersection with artistic innovation, unveiling the beauty within electronic waste through a visual artist's perspective. The film intricately weaves the remnants of urban waste with the city's inspirations, fostering a poignant reflection on overlooked elements.

Samayada Harivu (Flow of Time)

Peers into the lives of Noor Mary and Prasad, residing near Begur Lake. Their stories unearth the complexities of reclamation, prompting contemplation on its true essence and beneficiaries, breathing life into the historical significance of artificial freshwater reservoirs.

Raat ki Jag Mag

Draws a dynamic portrait of Manek Chowk in Ahmedabad, morphing from a parking lot by day to a vibrant food market by night. This film captures the metamorphosis of urban spaces, spotlighting vulnerability and the performative nature of these locales.

कार्य प्रगति पर है (A Work in Progress)

Sheds light on Construction & Demolition waste management in Bhopal's informal settlements. Through urban planning lenses, it reveals the reuse of C&D waste, illustrating the resourcefulness within these communities.

हसरतें बसरत (Hasratein Basrat)

A modern folk tale within Jajmau, Kanpur, unraveling the ancient fort buried beneath an ancient mound. This narrative draws parallels between reality and storytelling, entwining the city's history with its people's lives.

अवनति (Avnati)

Chronicles the decline of St. Inez Creek in Panaji, Goa, tugging at emotional ties between the city and its degraded waterbody. With a poignant Konkani soundtrack, it highlights restoration efforts, urging collective responsibility for its revival.

Fish and the Friend

Orbits around Nisha, a girl attending a school where plastic serves as school fees. Her encounter with an event that threatens her cherished environment sparks concern, shedding light on modern-day threats created by human actions.

गौरैया (Sparrow)

Lays bare the challenges faced by Ghazipur dumpyard's nearby residents - contaminated water, inadequate waste management, and air pollution, advocating urgently needed sustainable development.


Follows the life cycle of electronic waste in Magrahat near Kolkata, presenting it as both a livelihood and an impending crisis. This documentary raises crucial questions about technology's creation, usage, and disposal, echoing the fastest-growing waste stream in India.

The culmination of Nagari 2023 will take place in January 2024 with an award ceremony celebrating the compelling narratives, innovative approaches, and thought provoking perspectives depicted through the lens of film. By addressing the challenges of waste management and the broader concept of reclaiming the urban commons, Nagari showcases the issues and catalyses dialogue and action toward a more sustainable and inclusive urban future in India.