Try 5 New Fort Kochi Restaurants For A Delectable Taste of Modern Kerala 

L: Interior Decor at Lila
R: Kanthari Chicken at Francis
L: Interior Decor at Lila R: Kanthari Chicken at Francis

If you’re at Kochi Muziris Biennale, we’re sure that you’re also taking the time to soak in all that Fort Kochi (or perhaps all of Kerala) has to offer. As a native, the number of times I’ve been asked to recommend ‘cool restaurants’ is more than I can count. But the reality is that we are a food-obsessed community of people and there are new ventures that are seemingly opening up every day. 

With a simple google search, you might be able to find the quintessential places that everyone has to recommend - from breakfast at Balan Chettante Kada to having a beer at Seagull after walking around all day. But for this feature, we’re going to skip over the usual recommendations and instead look at a few new restaurants in and around Fort Kochi that are worthy of a little attention and commotion. 

Lila Curated Experiences
Located right next to the head post office in Fort Kochi, Lila is an art gallery and restaurant with a one-of-a-kind ambiance and a menu to suit. The seating for the restaurant is spread throughout the huge space of the bungalow that the team has taken on - from smaller single-seater tables around the verandah to a 12-seater table for bigger parties on the first floor. They offer a Kerala-inspired menu that straddles the line between traditional and experimental. 

Loving Earth 

Starting as a yoga studio with daily practice and a studio kitchen creating vegan desserts and products, Loving Earth is not a new name in Kochi. However, their new space on Napier Street is their first full-fledged yoga café. They continue to offer daily yoga practice and whip up a myriad of vegan dishes in this quaint space. From smoked papaya canapes to vegan thin-crust pizzas, their menu offers select dishes for their patrons. 


Just a walk away from the main Biennale venue, Trouvaille is a classic café/bistro with minimal décor and delectable baked goods. From an indulgent sticky toffee pudding to sumptuous croissant sandwiches, they are a great place to grab a quick lunch at. If you’re a fan of baked goods and coffee, trouvaille is a great choice when you’re in Fort Kochi. 

French Toast

French Toast cafes across Cochin are one of those names that have stayed consistently relevant in the café culture here. From the get-go, they have shown an unwavering focus on quality and dedication toward mindful restaurant practices. The Fort Kochi location of this café is their latest and offers a menu that features the favorites from their other locations including their signature French toasts. Housed inside Cochin Club, the café is located at a prime spot and features stunning artwork and antique décor. 

Francis, Niyati 

While many love heading to Sea Gull Bar to wind down, it’s not the only option around. If you’re looking to grab beer or wine and some interesting Kerala ‘touchings’ (chakna) to go with them, Francis is a good option. Touted as an idyllic space for those with a love for leisure, it is a resto-bar inside Niyati Stays. Housed in an old bungalow, this bar stays true to the retro appeal of the space. With a constant playlist of classic rock playing through, Francis offers an interesting range of food — from butter garlic mushrooms to roasted pork. 

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