Mumbai, Attend A Beat-Making Workshop With Karan Kanchan This Weekend

Karan Kanchan
Karan KanchanKaran Kanchan

Editors Note: This workshop took place on the 19th of March in collaboration with Budweiser Studios at the #HGStreet Festival.

Whether you're a seasoned musician or totally new to the world of music production, beat-making is an essential skill, especially in the modern music scene. A good beat can elevate your audio track to the next level. Making beats can seem intimidating at first but every great music producer first started with making a simple beat. To kickstart your journey as a beat producer, you will need the required knowledge about music production and the right tool kit. And who better to guide you on your journey than the renowned record producer, Karan Kanchan? Join him at the #HGStreet Festival as he conducts a workshop on the art of beat-making as part of a Budweiser Studios x #HGACADEMY initiative.

Workshop: Behind The Beat: Baazigar A Production Breakdown by Karan Kanchan

Date: 19th March, 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm

#HGStreet is a two-day festival (18th-19th March 2023) that is at the intersection of creativity, music, art and design, fashion, film and photography, technology, sneakers and street culture, sports, education, culinary, innovation, and more happening at the Richardson & Cruddas warehouse in Byculla.

#HGStreet festival is not your typical music festival but an adventurous playground for various disciplines.

Other than the workshop by Karan Kanchan, there will also be workshops on how to make a viral video by renowned film director Dar Gai, on the basics of sneaker customization by Chaitanya Dixit, and on the art of doodling by Santanu Hazarika. The multi-format festival will also have several visual exhibits as well, along with 40+ next-gen music acts, conversation panels, sneakers, global streetwear marketplaces, masterclasses, and food and drink pop-ups by Budx, Budweiser, and more.

Karan Kanchan is a trap and bass music producer heavily inspired by Japanese classical music. His self-taught sound design and music production skills, intertwined with his passionate love for Japanese culture, have proven to be an x-factor for his productions. Karan Kanchan’s sound is unique, distinguishing it from everyone else in the Indian music industry. As you can guess from the title of the workshop, Karan Kanchan will focus on the latest superhit track Baazigar by eminent contemporary hip-hop artist Divine featuring Armani White. Kanchan will guide the participants through a breakdown of the process that went into creating the beats for Baazigar.

You can find out more about Karan Kanchan and his work here.

The workshop is open to all and free for students under the age of 25 on the first day, provided you can produce a valid student identity card. #HGStreet is a first-of-its-kind culture and lifestyle festival in India that weaves Homegrown, South Asian, and global talent to reimagine the fabric that defines contemporary Indian culture and creativity today. There is no way one should miss out on this exciting festival!

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