Mumbai, Learn The 'Art Of Doodling' With Santanu Hazarika This Weekend

Santanu Hazarika
Santanu HazarikaSantanu Hazarika

Editors Note: This workshop took place on the 19th of March in collaboration with Budweiser Studios at the #HGStreet Festival.

This a Budweiser Studios x #HGACADEMY initiative. For the longest time, mainstream society has been deemed doodling as “drawing or scribbling aimlessly”. They could not be more wrong. Think of all the million-dollar ideas that were scribbled on a napkin. Or, think of how doodling on a notebook laid the foundation for some fantastic artwork ideas when you were sitting in a boring classroom. Researchers have found that doodling has the capacity to improve memory, focus, and cognition. Today, doodling has evolved to be an alternative art form practiced by many. It helps express artistically what mere words cannot.

If you are into the art of doodling and looking for inspiration, you are in for a treat at the #HGStreet Festival as it will play host to multidisciplinary visual artist Santanu Hazarika, who will conduct a workshop on the art of doodling.

Workshop: The Design of Doodling by Santanu Hazarika

Date: 19th March, 2 pm - 2:45 pm

#HGStreet is a two-day festival (18th-19th March 2023) that is at the intersection of creativity, music, art and design, fashion, film and photography, technology, sneakers and street culture, sports, education, culinary, innovation, and more happening at the Richardson & Cruddas warehouse in Byculla.

#HGStreet festival is not your typical music festival but an adventurous playground for various disciplines.

Other than the workshop by Santanu Hazarika, there will also be workshops on how to make a viral video by renowned film director Dar Gai, on the basics of sneaker customization by Chaitanya Dixit, and on beat production by record producer, Karan Kanchan. The multi-format festival will also have several visual exhibits as well, along with 40+ next-gen music acts, conversation panels, sneakers, global streetwear marketplaces, masterclasses, and food and drink pop-ups by Budx, Budweiser, & more.

Santanu Hazarika is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Assam who has blazed an inimitable trail across a diverse landscape of Indian artists and designers. His sublime mastery of visual aesthetics combined with his unparalleled understanding of form, color, structure, and thematic relevance has allowed him to become one of the most prolific artists of the Indian new wave in art.

His signature style has found resounding success across visual mediums such as doodles, murals, billboards, advertising hoardings, digital creations, and NFTs. His collaborations with fellow artists, musicians, designers, and clothing companies are a testament to how seamlessly he’s able to transition and adapt his artistry.

You can check out Santanu Hazarika's works here.

Attend Santanu Hazarikia’s workshop and be a part of an interactive session diving into the trajectory and the intersection of homegrown visual art and cultural economy. It will also break down the design thought process that goes into the art of doodling. The workshop is open to all and free for students under the age of 25, provided they can produce a valid student identity card. #HGStreet is first-of-its-kind culture and lifestyle festival in India that weaves Homegrown, South Asian, and global talent to reimagine the fabric that defines contemporary Indian culture and creativity today. There is no way one should miss out on this exciting festival!

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