#HGSupply: 'Dring' Has Everything You Need To Throw Your Very Own Homegrown Rager

Dring's array of games is tailored to infuse energy and excitement into any gathering.
Dring's array of games is tailored to infuse energy and excitement into any gathering.Dring

House parties offer an intimate space to catch up with friends, make new connections, and enjoy a night filled with laughter. Dating back to Roman banquets and Greek symposiums, the concept of gathering together for a good time has always been a part of our social fabric. And even though getting a bunch of people in a room with alcohol is enough for chaos to ensue, sometimes the course of the night heads less towards Project X and more towards faced buried into the phones. To keep the night alive, a homegrown brand has come up with everything you need for a successful and memorable house party.

Locked down at home during challenging times, two brothers with a shared passion for beer, music, and great company devised a plan to transform ordinary house parties into epic celebrations. Recognizing that turning gatherings into ragers requires a special touch, they set out to create a range of games tailored to the diverse tastes of India's youth. Dring, with its blend of desi charm and boundless fun, aspires to become synonymous with all things related to house parties. These visionary creators are dedicated to crafting games that cater to the party-hungry souls of the nation.

Dring's array of games is tailored to infuse energy and excitement into any gathering. Among these standout offerings, you'll find Dialogue Baazi for Bollywood aficionados, where you'll guess iconic movie dialogues, and Dramadol, a sassier version of charades that challenges players to act out hilarious words silently. Majority Minority ignites lively debates as players choose between two controversial options, resulting in banter and uproarious conversations, with the majority deciding who takes a sip. Meanwhile, The Ultimate Drinking Game introduces a funky bell and task cards to redefine group dynamics, ensuring a night filled with laughter, tears, and moments that push you out of your comfort zone.

Dring doesn't just focus on the party itself; they also have a remedy for the morning after. Enter 'Sorted', the ultimate hangover cure. This Ayurvedic concoction, consisting of 20 super herbs, shields your liver from the dreaded hangover. Clinically proven to prevent nausea and dizziness, 'Sorted' ensures you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your next adventure. Simply take a 60ml shot ten minutes before indulging in drinks, and you're good to go.

To wrap it up, Dring is like the superhero of house parties, delivering a treasure trove of games that'll leave you with unforgettable nights, full of laughter and tight-knit bonding. They're all about making your gatherings memorable, and even make sure you don't regret the night the day after. So, when you're plotting your next epic house party, make sure Dring gets a spot on your guest list.

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