Homegrown Decor Brand SPIN’s Latest Collection Is An Ode To The Bauhaus Movement

Tablescape with all the pieces from homegrown indian label SPIN's Bauhaus inspired collection featuring table linens to plates, tumblers, jars and more.

The German art and design style of Bauhaus emerged in the early 20th century prioritised function over form embraced the beauty of clean lines and changed the design world forever. The movement has left a lasting impression, down to Steve Jobs crediting the movement as an inspiration for his now iconic style of clean, angular and functional design. While the movement has left an indelible mark on modern design sensibilities, it is not every day that one sees the design style revived and celebrated in all its glory. 

SPIN, a homegrown Indian brand, however, just launched their Bauhaus dining collection which is an inspired ode to the iconic movement. The abstract, geometric and minimal elements and pops of colour unique to the design movement find a place in this dining collection that includes glassware, serve ware and tableware. The minimal yet striking style makes each piece a statement on its own, while also being the base to build a creative, inspired homeware collection. 

The collection has been created under the lead of Shipra Barot, the Senior Design at SPIN. As a designer who has always lived by the ‘less is more’ philosophy, Bauhaus was the perfect collection for Shipra to lend her know-how of blending handcrafting techniques with modern design objects. Instilling each piece with meaning and creativity, the Bauhaus collection goes beyond tableware and offers a way to suffuse art into everyday life. 

According to the brand SPIN, the collection represents a shift in how one perceives the objects around them. Through the finer details, meticulous craft and cutting-edge design, they are elevating everyday, mundane objects to be design-backed iterations of themselves. The design-forward collection takes heed of the Bauhaus collections' love for pops of colour, especially with their range of ceramic ware. This includes dinner plates with rectangular colour blocks coffee mugs with a simple but bold angular design and even solid coloured bowls with detail in contrasting colours. Despite the vibrant design details, these ceramicware have been created by SPIN to go through the wringer of everyday life, use and then some. 

Tablescape with all the pieces from homegrown indian label SPIN's Bauhaus inspired collection featuring table linens to plates, tumblers, jars and more.
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While the ceramicware is more angular, the glassware that ranges from tumblers to water jugs is sleek and features delicate curves. According to the brand the glasswares of the Bauhaus collection feature “tumblers with sleek lines and delicate curves, jugs that double as sculptural masterpieces, and stirrers that add a touch of sophistication to any drink—all coming together to create a symphony of style and utility.”

The serveware from the collection blends warm wood with sleek wire frame like clean lines and the iconic primary colours typical to the Bauhaus movement. This selection includes wire baskets, cake stands, kitchen organisers and even a serving tray with pops of primary colours. Last but not least, the collection also includes a range of yet-to-be-launched table linens that include covers, runners, mats, and napkins that all pay ode to the Bauhaus movement - through right angle details, blocks of primary colour, and sleek lines.

Through this collection, SPIN as a brand is putting its own unique, homegrown spin on a classic design movement and making it truly their own. Whether you are buying the first pieces for your home or adding on to an inspired collection, the pieces from SPIN’s Bauhaus collection are all designed to be a statement on their own but are also pieces that will work in harmony with others to create a compelling tablescape of your making.

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