'It's Not Silly; It's Dali' Is An Editorial Ode To The Master Surrealist Himself

'It's Not silly; It's Dali'
'It's Not silly; It's Dali'Navya Bawa, Rupanshi Nahar, Aksheeta Mahesh, Khushi Reddy, Rudri Kariya & Sonia Raheja

Salvador Dali''s artistry had a profound impact on the global creative landscape; one that continues to endure today. 'It's Not silly; It's Dali' is a homegrown collaborative editorial that pays tribute to the surrealist legacy of the master artist while still creating something that stands out for being wholly original.

The series' juxtoposition of people and objects seemingly out of place amidst the serenity of a beachfront background is a ponderance on the very nature of the world around us and the times we live in. In one still, which almost appears to act as a form of visual overture for the rest of the editorial, we see flamboyantly dressed people trapped in floating bubbles while surrounded by all manner of sea creatures. In another, we zoom in on one of the figures from the bubble standing on slices of bread on the seashore while a tomatoe sun rises or sets over the horizon. There's even a still where a white-clothed man rides across the clouds on the back of a flying goldfish. Yep.

The images aren't meant to be taken at face value or even to make literal sense. Much like the majority of Dali's work, the series encourages you to question the norms, traditions and sights that we've come to expect as 'commonplace'; to use your imagination to ponder a world where everything is upside down. Beyond this, the series is an invokation of the indomitable creative spirit of Salvador Dali and an ode to the creativity and boundless potential of the human imagination.

"Central to our narrative is the concept of rebirth, a motif recurrent in Dali's life and work to showcase pivotal moments of transformation, wherein Dali emerged anew, redefined by his encounters with surrealism, existential philosophy, and the complex facets of human existence," explains the collective. "Time, a recurring motif in Dali's oeuvre, becomes a metaphorical thread weaving through our visual narrative; symbolizing the ever-shifting landscape of existence."

Editorial Credits

In Frame: @rutviq

Concept, Styling: @rupanshinahar @curatedbynavya @akshxxthaa @rudri_kariya @khuxxiiii @_soniaraheja

Direction: @rupanshinahar

Photography: @rudri_kariya @curatedbynavya

Editing: @rupanshinahar @curatedbynavya

Props: @khuxxiiii @_soniaraheja