This Week In Culture: A Diwali Gifting Guide, A Norwegian-Tamil Folk-Rock Band, & More

This Week In Culture
This Week In Culture L: Yauatcha Mumbai x LoveChild by Masaba R: Svami x Superkicks

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The Homegrown Diwali Gifting Guide
The Homegrown Diwali Gifting GuideL: INDRI R: Yauatcha Mumbai x LoveChild by Masaba

The Ultimate Diwali GIfiting Guide By Homegrown

Gone are the days of passing around generic gifts. People now realize the impact of their choices, seeking meaningful and useful gifts. The quest for the perfect gift continues with over 200 curated homegrown brands in our gifting guide, offering the best in various categories, from artisanal alcohol to upcycled fashion.

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9 Grader Nord
9 Grader Nord

A Norwegian Tamil Folk-Rock Band

From Bergen, Norway, the Tamil folk-rock band 9 Grader Nord, formed in 2017, blends Carnatic music and Tamil folk traditions. Founded by Mira and Dipha, children of Sri Lankan refugees, the band, with a unique sound featuring instruments like the bamboo flute and cajon, preserves their Tamil cultural heritage. Beyond electrifying performances, they collaborate with the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra, interpret Edvard Munch's works, and engage in school tours, inspiring young minds across Norway. As poignant mascots of Tamil culture and conscience, they use their platform to address social issues, inviting reflection on identity, belonging, and resilience.

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Rural Modern Glass Studio
Rural Modern Glass Studio

Workshops By Rural Modern Glass Studio

Rural Modern Glass Studio (RMGS), founded by Arjun Rathi and Ismail Plumber, offers engaging workshops at the intersection of lighting design and glass art. Arjun Rathi, an architect with expertise in lighting design, collaborates with Ismail Plumber, a glass artist and architectural glass designer. The studio conducts diverse workshops, including Paperweight Making, Flower Making, Hand Casting and advanced workshops for crafting intricate glass art pieces like vases, bowls, glasses, and platters.

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Svami x Superkicks - Vanilla Cola
Svami x Superkicks - Vanilla ColaSvami x Superkicks - Vanilla Cola

Svami x Superkicks Vanilla Cola

Svami, a pioneer in unique mixers and non-alcoholic drinks, has teamed up with Mumbai sneaker and streetwear company Super Kicks to revive a classic with their own original twist. The result is the Svami x Superkicks Limited Edition Vanilla Cola, a fizzy, non-alcoholic beverage crafted with natural ingredients, blending the velvety notes of vanilla with the invigorating essence of cola. This collaboration is a nostalgic journey encapsulated in a bottle, offering a refreshing taste that pays homage to the 90s.

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The Sound/Image Festival 2023 serves as a convergence point for artists and experts delving into the interplay between sounds and images.
The Sound/Image Festival 2023 serves as a convergence point for artists and experts delving into the interplay between sounds and images.Vaibhav Batra

A Homegrown Performace At The Sound/Image 2023 Festival

The Sound/Image 2023 Festival at the University of Greenwich, London explores the relationship between sound and image in electronic music. Alongside a diverse program, it features Soul Seeking, a live audio-visual improv session by homegrown artists Vaibhav Batra and Anandit Sachdev, showcasing the contrast of fixity and freedom in sonic media. Anandit will also present his research paper on sonic thresholds at the conference.

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Homegrown Festive Wear Brands
Homegrown Festive Wear BrandsL: Diaries of Nomad R: Label Ankita Jain

Homegrown Festive Wear Brands

Whether you're a Diwali enthusiast hosting grand parties or someone enjoying small, cozy gatherings with sweet indulgences and afternoon naps, Diwali is a celebration for all. The festive season is the prime time for shopping, offering a range from casual cotton kurta sets to elegantly stitched sarees. Many brands put extra effort into crafting distinct collections leading up to the festival. After exploring various Indian brands, we've narrowed down our list for Diwali 2023 to the following homegrown options.

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Stolen Karan Tejpal

'Stolen' By Karan Tejpal

Premiering at the 80th Venice International Film Festival and earning a special mention in Zurich, 'Stolen' directed by Karan Tejpal and produced by Gaurav Dhingra of Jungle Book Studio, recently featured at the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2023. Inspired by true events, the film delves into the desperate journey of a mother searching for her abducted 5-month-old daughter. The narrative explores themes of child abductions, misinformation, mob justice, public lynchings, and illegal surrogacy and provides a nuanced perspective on societal realities.

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