Give Your 2024 A Productive Boost With These Homegrown Planners

Here are some journal and planner brands that can help you keep things organized this year.
Here are some journal and planner brands that can help you keep things organized this year.L: The Art Loom R: Odd Giraffe

As we step into 2024, the world of planners, calendars, and journals has seen a dynamic shift, evolving beyond mere tools for organizing dates and tasks. Stationery brands have amplified their offerings, infusing creativity, personalization, and wellness elements into their products to cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles.

As remote work continued to shape the way individuals navigated their daily routines, the need for effective time management and the delineation of work-life boundaries became more pronounced. Planners and journals emerged as trusted companions, offering tangible means to structure tasks, allocate time efficiently, and facilitate a healthy balance between professional commitments and personal life.

Moreover, the intensifying focus on mental health and self-care propelled the popularity of these analog tools. Beyond mere scheduling, planners and journals served as gateways to mindfulness, featuring gratitude logs, habit trackers, and reflection spaces. As individuals sought respite from digital overload, the physicality of planners provided a means to detach from screens, fostering intentional engagement with thoughts and plans. This surge in popularity was further fueled by the trend toward customisation, where users had the freedom to personalize layouts and sections, forging a stronger connection with their planners or journals and ensuring their consistent use both in professional and personal spheres.

Here are some journal and planner brands that can help you keep things organized this year.

The Origin One

The Origin One is a brand that encapsulates everyday stationery essentials, offering a diverse range of products including planners, diaries, journals, and social stationery. Their collection stands out due to meticulous craftsmanship, providing thread-stitched notebooks, wire-bound options, and more. Notably, the brand pioneered India's stationery subscription service, catering to the evolving needs of stationery enthusiasts. Their 2024 Calendar Ultima is a typographic marvel that blends dates, time, planning, lunar phases, and science. This calendar also doubles as a desktop blackboard and features checkboxes, highlighted Sundays, lunar calendars, and more.


Paperdom's Dotted Journal surpasses conventional journal expectations by serving as a versatile space that transforms into a sketchbook, diary, or a canvas for creative thoughts. Featuring over 216 mildly dotted pages, this tree-free journal accommodates various artistic mediums. A notable addition is their weekly wellness notepad, emphasizing holistic health improvement by tracking meals, exercise, mood, and sleep patterns.

Odd Giraffe

Odd Giraffe focuses on guided wellness journaling through their specialized Wellness Journals. These journals incorporate unique daily prompts designed to foster reflection and stress management. Handcrafted by designers and artisans, each item is personalized upon order, ensuring uniqueness while contributing to sustainability initiatives.

My Paperclip

Paperclip's daily planner was the best-selling planner of 2023 and highly anticipated in 2024. Its Volume 2, named INDIA 366, celebrates the diversity of India. Each month is dedicated to a distinct city, offering a visual and written journey, uncovering the essence of each location. This planner also includes calendars for 2023, 2024, and 2025, colored monthly dividers, varied page layouts, illustrations, fact sheets, and activities. Craftsmanship details include Italian vegan leather covers, recycled paper, hand-drawn PU backs, rounded corners, and bookmarks.

Ink Bucket

Ink Bucket's 2024 planners are designed to feel like personalized books, filled with yearly goals, monthly reflections, daily to-dos, and more. The collection's boxes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also sturdy enough to preserve the planner for future revisits. The brand prioritizes personalisation and a heartfelt connection with its users.

The Art Loom

The Art Loom, a stationery and lifestyle brand founded in 2019, aims to inspire customers to live their best lives. They focus on vibrant, joyful merchandise designed to brighten everyday life experiences. The brand emphasizes the importance of personal goals and dreams, aiming to contribute to the journey of creating a fulfilling and joyful life for their customers

Organise your hopes, goals, ideas and to-do’s for 2024 with these planners and journals.