The 8 Best Places To Get Artisanal Pizzas In Mumbai

The 8 Best Places To Get Artisanal Pizzas In Mumbai
1441 Pizzeria

Is there really any dish that can parallel the universality and versatility of pizza? With it’s amazing doughy crusts, gooey delicious cheese, and variety of possible toppings, there’s no surprise that it is the choice comfort food of many. And with chains like Smoking Joe’s, Dominos and Pizza Hut plying us with high-calorie (and admittedly tasty) pies at good prices, the dish is more accessible than ever. But in the midst of this delivery food craze, has India disconnected itself from the beauty of authentic and artisanal pizza? We say, no - the trade gourmet pizzas alive and kicking in India, and here at HG, we rounded up eight of Mumbai’s best artisanal places to gorge on this classic dish.

One of Mumbai’s most iconic eateries, it would be blasphemous to leave Pizza By The Bay off this list. Started in 1969, this establishment has gone through many changes - from being an up-and-coming Mumbai pub as Talk of The Town, to its legendary days as the city’s coolest live music destination as Jazz By The Bay (and later, Not Just Jazz By The Bay). In its latest iteration, Pizza By The Bay is home to some of Mumbai’s most legendary and unique gourmet pizzas, and one of the best views of the Arabian sea. With their amazing doughy crusts, dripping cheeses, and fresh toppings, there really is no way to be disappointed at Pizza By The Bay.

HG Recommends: The Pollo Arrabiata and Quattro Formaggi are classics.

Cost: Rs. 700 - Rs. 1000 per pizza

Pizza By The Bay

Initially named Pizza Metro Pizza, Gustoso started out as a small, standalone pizzeria in Kemps Corner, but has since rebranded and expanded, with a new look and a second restaurant in Khar. Priding itself on its authenticity, Gustoso’s menu is inspired by the cuisine of Naples, and their menu is designed by award-winning pizza chef Giulio Andriani. Andriani’s hope with Gustoso has been to introduce genuine Italian flavours and techniques to the world of Mumbai’s pizzas, and the dishes at Gustoso are a true testament to his success.

HG Recommends: The Pesto E Pollo and classic Margherita will give you a taste for genuine neapolitan pizza.

Cost: Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000 per pizza

This adorable little spot feels like an authentic New York pavement cafe in the middle of busy Bandra. Tucked away in a corner of the city, there’s no denying the amazing ambience of this quiet, gorgeous spot. Pair that with their delicious, New York style pizzas and a side of delicious garlic bread, and you have one of the best pizza experiences in Mumbai. Started in 2010 by Hemant and Rashmi Mehta, this eatery’s menu of artisanal pizzas is at once homely and gourmet, and features a great range of home-baked desserts for after the pizza is over.

HG Recommends: The African Peri Peri Chicken and Mumbai Masala are among some of the pizzeria’s most unique pies.

Cost: Rs. 500 - Rs. 1500 per pizza

Though not a dine-in pizzeria, Coney Island’s pizzas are among some of the most unique on this list. Rather than serving traditional pies, Coney Island serves it’s pizzas in cone form! These perfectly smooth, round cones of pizza base are made using a 3D moulding technology, and then stuffed with delicious cheese and a variety of toppings. Their one of a kind pizza cones pair well with their mouth-watering range of smoothies and milkshakes. Founded by foodie Bharat Advani after seeing a similar dish in Italy, Coney Island has outlets across Mumbai, and their cones are available to order through Swiggy.

HG Recommends: The Meat Lover’s and Chilly Cheese cones are both fan favourites.

Cost: Rs. 100 - Rs. 200 per cone

Coney Island's Pizza Cones

Another authentically European pizzeria, this Khar joint brings together European flavours and European ingredients to make some of Mumbai’s tastiest pizzas. This pizzeria was first conceptualised in the UK by friends Shaamil Amin and Akhil Thakkar, and made its move to Mumbai in early 2017, bringing its emphasis on high quality and great flavours with it. Using recipes from their now closed favourite childhood pizza parlour, Amin and Thakkar opened Pi Pizzeria with the goal of re-creating the perfect pies of their younger days. The pizzeria is known for its mastery of dough, and achieving the perfect middle-ground between thin-crust and deep dish.

HG Recommends: The Boscaiola and the Bianca have been highly recommended by reviewers.

Cost: Rs. 400 - Rs. 1000 per pizza

Technically speaking, Hungry Head is neither a pizzeria, nor necessarily artisanal. But can any list of Mumbai’s best pizzas really be complete with Hungry Head’s iconic magizza’s? Started by food lovers Arpit Kabra, Yash Patel, and Rahul Daga, Hungry Head is an amazing ode to India’s favourite instant noodles: Maggi. Their menu does every possible thing you can with Maggi, including making it into pizza! The Hungry Head Magizza is available in 5 different varieties, each of them featuring an amazing crust topped with cheese, toppings, and of course, Maggi. The pizzas are among some Hungry Head’s most popular items, which is quite an achievement given the eatery’s wonderful menu.

HG Recommends: The classic Margherita Magizza is a must try, though perhaps too filling for only one person.

Cost: Rs. 250 - Rs 350 per pizza

Hungry Head's Magizza

Another delivery-only pizza joint, Baking Bad first opened in Delhi as India’s (and maybe the world’s) first Breaking Bad themed pizza restaurant. All the names of this eatery’s dishes are Breaking Bad puns and references. The pizzeria is known for the amazing wafer-thin crusts on its pies, and the pizzas are all inspired by Neapolitan cuisine. Started by siblings Saniya and Sahib Puniani, and their fellow Breaking Bad fan and close friend Arjun Jaiswal, Baking Bad’s pizzas are wonderful, delicious, and extremely filling, with their large pizzas clocking in at an impressive 17.5 inches.

HG Recommends: The Piggy Bank and Skinny Pete will have you daydreaming about pizza for days after.

Cost:Rs. 500 - Rs. 1200 per pizza

Though last on this list, 1441 Pizzeria is far from least. At this unique pizzeria, rather than picking from a set menu, you can craft your own, one of a kind pizza. After choosing a classic or gourmet base, you get to pick your own sauce, cheeses, and toppings, to create your ideal pie. The pizzas are then baked in a wood-fired pizza oven, in classic Italian fashion. The chefs at this pizzeria have been trained by Italian pizza masterchef Renato Viola, making each possible pizza combination at once unique and authentic. And 1441 Pizzeria offers an amazing Nutella dessert pizza to bring a sweet ending to a hearty meal.

HG Recommends: Though it offers non-vegetarian toppings, 1441 Pizzeria is more well-known for its vegetarian options.

Cost: Rs. 250 - Rs. 700 per pizza

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