Culture, Authenticity, & Community: 5 Homegrown Sneaker Enthusiasts Let Us Into Their Worlds

We spoke to five Homegrown Sneakerheads to learn about their individual tastes and aesthetic influences.
We spoke to five Homegrown Sneakerheads to learn about their individual tastes and aesthetic influences.Myntra

Across the world, sneakers and sneaker subcultures have gone from being something of a niche interest for a select few collectors and enthusiasts to becoming a mainstream cultural behemoth. Sneakers are without question a subcultural force to be reckoned with - one that has elegantly and emphatically weaved itself into the fabric of worlds as diverse as art, music, sports, and pop culture as a whole. In the modern era, sneakers and the sneakerheads that covet them have established an unprecedented cultural permanence that has elevated the once humble sneaker to that of a social and everyday essential. They are unquestionably a must-have wardrobe staple with the power to encapsulate everything you need to know about a person’s tastes, influences, and personality. 

In India, the first spark of sneaker culture was lit by impressionable millennials who spent their formative years exposed to the growing movements of collectors, resellers, and aficionados globally. Celebrated brands such as Converse, Adidas, and Nike gave early Indian adopters their first hit of the sneaker adrenaline rush that would soon become their passion. Today, a new breed of Indian sneakerhead has been handed the proverbial baton of sneaker culture, armed with a globalised worldview that remains rooted in their own cultural identities. 

Homegrown sneaker subcultures across the country know exactly what they want and demand the highest quality selections of brands and the largest variety of options to reflect their own individual styles. The Myntra Sneaker Club understands this better than anyone and since its inception has brought Indian collectors, enthusiasts and sneakerheads an unparalleled selection of premium sneaker drops that include cultural mainstays and classics like Jordans, Air Force 1s, and Dunks. In doing so, they’ve become the catalysts of a uniquely homegrown sneaker culture where every enthusiast has easy access to some of the most coveted, iconic sneaker lines that match their mood, interest, personality, locale, and even their current frame of mind; curating a ‘Sneaker For Every Scene’. 

We spoke to five Homegrown Sneakerheads to learn about their individual tastes and aesthetic influences as well as to understand how each of them use the Myntra Sneaker Club and its offerings to bring their identities to life.

Suhana Sethi


For Suhana Sethi, sneakers are an extension of her personality and are fundamentally an expression of her own personal style and aesthetic. Her passion for sneakers started when she first saw ‘The Last Dance’. Inspired by Michael Jordan's indomitable spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence, Suhana felt a deep connection to sneakers. Wearing Jordans makes her feel like she's stepping into MJ’s world, she says, allowing her to embody his unparalleled athleticism and unwavering determination. What draws her towards sneakers is the unique story and narrative behind every silhouette. She loves learning about everything from the history of each pair to the kind of material used in its construction to the emotions and feelings each colourway conveys. 

Suhana believes that the Myntra Sneaker Club has been instrumental in her journey as a sneakerhead, particularly in the way that it curates a whole host of both niche and mainstream brands from across the world across different styles. “What I really like about the Myntra Sneaker Club is that from casual wear to classics to hype pieces – they have it all,” she says. 

Get a glance at Suhana’s sneaker collection here

Khalid Walid


Khalid Walid is firm in his belief that sneakers go with almost everything, provided you know how to pick the right silhouette for every occasion. The intersection between sneakers and clothes is what fascinates him the most. He also echoes the idea that sneakers are the most comfortable piece of footwear that you can own. 

Khalid loves how the Myntra Sneaker Club has made sneaker culture accessible and affordable to everyone from sneakerheads to casual enthusiasts to novices alike. “I recently got a black Adidas Samba from the sneaker store on the platform which styles perfectly with my outfits and is great for football,” he says.

Get a glance at Khalid’s sneaker collection here

Aahana Sharma


For Aahana Sharma, sneakers represent a delicate intersection of comfort and style. She recalls how her love for sneakers started. “I bought Af1 triple whites; they just effortlessly complement any outfit. My fascination with sneakers grew, and I bought Jordan smokey grey mids. Despite their neutral colour scheme, I was awestruck. And this was only the beginning of my journey into sneaker culture.” Over time, Aahana has expanded her collection to include diverse brands such as New Balance and Adidas Sambas, further enriching her sneaker repertoire. 

She truly believes that sneakers also give her a sense of belonging thanks to what is the now thriving community of Homegrown sneaker enthusiasts that exist across the country. For her, the Myntra Sneaker Club has been a catalyst that’s allowed these communities to grow and evolve in tandem with global sneaker culture. “With a wide range of legit, top-notch sneakers, including all the latest trends, you can trust Myntra Sneaker Club to deliver quality and freshness every time,” she says.

Get a glance at Aahana’s sneaker collection here

Anuj Dutta 


Anuj Dutta believes that sneakers go with practically everything and that they are the most comfortable thing you can wear on your feet. He says there’s something indescribably euphoric about wearing a cool pair of sneakers and that he’s happiest when he’s buying the latest drops. He also loves the smell of his sneakers and believes that the styles people choose are reflections of their personalities and interests. 

For sneakerheads like Anuj, who are constantly trying to find the best deals for their passion, both accessibility and affordability are key to thriving in the homegrown sneaker landscape. 

Get a glance at Anuj’s sneaker collection here

Karan Khatri


For Karan Khatri, sneakers are the epitome of comfort and style, and are a means of expressing one’s personality and quirks while adding some contrast to their fits. He also firmly believes that there’s a sneaker for every single situation and that it’s just a matter of finding the one that’s right for you. 

Karan loves the selection of sneakers that the Myntra Sneaker Club gives him and emphasises that their range is both intricately curated and one hundred percent authentic. “Like everyone else, I did start with camping out for limited edition sneakers and gradually moved on to buying them online since I knew what I wanted,” says Karan.

Get a glance at Karan’s sneaker collection here

Homegrown sneaker culture has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity over the past decade, and this shows no sign of slowing down. With iconic brands continually expanding accessibility to some of the most sought-after lines, sneaker enthusiasts everywhere, much like the ones above, are able to truly immerse themselves in a world of style, flair, and self-expression.

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