KOAD's new single and BRUN's new collection
This Week In Culture L: KOAD R: BRUN

This Week In Culture: Homegrown Regional Films, A Name As Long As A River, & Much More

Twilight season is upon us I don't mean highschool-going vampires with hot dads. I mean grey skies, wind in the trees, and a melancholy that'll sweeten the sad songs even more. I love how our planet switches between different colour grading modes for each season; mother earth is a true aesthete. Poetry is in the air right now so do not be alarmed if the urge to bedrot and contemplate life sneaks up on you. But if that bears too heavy on your mind, you can always depend on us for a soothing distraction from the siren song of the void. The black screen is your friend, and so are we. Here's what we have for you this week:


Year Of The Dragon By BRUN

Images of woman wearing BRUN dragon mesh dress. Collage of models wearing different pieces from BRUN debut collection.

BRUN is a fresh streetwear label from Tamil Nadu. Founded by three NIFT Chennai grads, BRUN ditches the baggy tees and puffy paints for unique streetwear staples like tracksuits, tees, and even a mesh dress. Inspired by the Year of the Dragon, their debut collection features fiery designs and dragon motifs. They use high-quality fabrics and ethical production practices, all at affordable prices. This brand is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for comfortable, stylish streetwear that breaks away from the norm.

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Homegrown Handpicked - June 2024

L: Sanjeeta Bhattacharya R: KOAD

Welcome to Homegrown's Monthly Playlist, a curation of our favourite releases from every month bringing you the freshest music from across the country by artists that represent the zeitgeist. In our third edition, we delve into genres ranging from disco to indie-pop, afrobeat to dubstep, jazz to electronica and beyond. Our playlist is a window to the heart of the sound of the nation, showcasing artists who are driving conversations that resonate.

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Grumps Goa - An Asian-Inspired Bar & Eatery

Grumps Goa's Lime & Chilli Chonak and the restored 1930s Outhouse
The friendly neighbourhood eatery is a space that they have built with the hope of cheering up all the ‘grumps’ that visit them.Grumps Goa

Grumps is a fun and cheeky Asian eatery and bar in Goa offering a unique ambience in a lovingly restored 1930s outhouse. They serve delicious Asian-inspired tapas with a playful twist, alongside innovative cocktails that use local ingredients. With a beautiful setting, friendly staff, and a great menu, Grumps is a must-visit for anyone in Goa looking for a good time.

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Homegrown Regional Films Leading The Social Revolution 

By embracing regional films, we not only gain a deeper understanding of ourselves as a nation but also pave the way for more inclusive,  understanding, and impactful Indian cinema.
By embracing regional films, we not only gain a deeper understanding of ourselves as a nation but also pave the way for more inclusive, understanding, and impactful Indian cinema. L: Sachin Rana R: Debalina Majumder

Regional cinema in India is experiencing a resurgence, moving away from mainstream Bollywood films. It's tackling social issues and giving a platform to new storytellers, making Indian cinema more inclusive and impactful. Homegrown brings you a curation of the latest regional films across India, all of which are amplifying the voices of the people.

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‘My Name Is Long As A River’ By Suma Subramaniam

The cover and an inside illustration for Suma Subramanian & Tara Anand's book 'My Name Is Long As A River'
'My Name Is Long As A River'Tara Anand & Suma Subramanian

What's in a name? Our heritage! Suma Subramaniam's picture book, My Name Is Long as a River, is a heartwarming story about a young girl named Kaveri who learns to appreciate her long, traditional name. The book is beautifully illustrated by Tara Anand and takes readers on a journey of self-discovery as Kaveri joins her grandmother on a pilgrimage to a festival on the banks of the Kaveri River. HG recommends this book for children of all ages. It's a great way to teach kids about cultural pride, self-acceptance, and the importance of family history. 

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Playful Minimalist Ceramics By Nāda

A promotional image for Nada and a monkey sculpture with a cold brew.
The brand's guiding principles speak to their commitment to authenticity and intentionality.Nāda

Goa-based Nāda creates porcelain objects that push the boundaries of ceramic artistry in India. Each piece is a sensory delight and is the result of experimentation with techniques, materials, and forms. Their core values - 'Alive Objects' and 'Focus on Raw', reflect their commitment to handcrafted items and natural materials. Nāda's ceramics are not just beautiful objects; they are imbued with life and are a reflection of the skilled artisans who create them.

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